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Some articles or images may be candidates for deletion if they do not meet Wiki standards or conform to Wiki guidelines. Content may be deleted if it is vulgar or offensive, unrelated to Steam applications and their development, or meets other criteria for deletion.

Criteria for deletion

These are guidelines for articles and images that should be deleted. This list is not comprehensive and common sense should be used

  • Any images that don't meet the Image use policy, such as images with nudity or unrelated to Wiki content
  • Articles which do not cover any aspect of development or any relevant games or mods. An article about someone's school or a Gameboy game would fall into this category
  • Mod profiles which do not meet the mod profile criteria - generally these articles are someone's concept for a mod with no actual work done
  • Articles which have been created for the sake of vandalism
  • Articles created to attack individuals, games, or companies
  • An article about a mod you are thinking about making but don't have a team or any content for
  • Anything offensive or vulgar in nature

Suggesting an article for deletion

Only Administrators can delete articles and files. Normal users must add deletion template tags to mark an article or file that might deserve deletion.

Choose only one of the following tags, and put it on its own line at the top of the article.

For suggesting a candidate for speedy deletion. The reason is given after a | .
Example: {{delete|This article contains offensive content.}}
For suggesting a candidate for deletion, reason given. This is less formal than other deletion templates. The reason is given after a | .
Example: {{prod|This article might not suit inclusion guidelines.}}
For suggesting a mod article for deletion because it does not meet the Mod Profile inclusion criteria. Generally this is when the article has not been updated by the developers for over a year and does not include proof of concept, such as screenshots of work that has already been done.

An administrator will review the content and determine if it should be deleted.

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