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This entity is not in the FGD by default .
It should not be put directly in a map.
class hierarchy

player is a point entity available in all Source Source games. The player itself or a bot. NPCs are not players. This entity still exists even if the player is dead.

Note.pngNote:This is a preserved entity in Counter-Strike: SourceHalf-Life 2: DeathmatchDay of Defeat: SourcePortalTeam Fortress 2Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead 2Alien SwarmPortal 2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • On a new round entities with this classname will intentionally not reset. You can use logic_auto to emulate resetting it.
  • Killing it removes it forever, as it is not respawned on a new round.
  • It cannot be spawned with a point_template.
  • Parenting this with non preserved entities may have undesirable effects.


Icon-Important.pngImportant:This entity is not intended to be placed in a map manually. Doing so will result in an instant fatal error on map load!


SetHealth <integer>
Sets the player's health. Values clamped between 0 and max_health.
HandleMapEvent <string>
Tells the game to perform a function, such as unlock an achievement. Hardcoded for specific map names.
SetHUDVisibility <boolean>
Hides or displays the HUD.
Note.pngNote:The menu can still be accessed, and some HUD elements such as kill-icons may still be visible.
Warning.pngWarning:Will disable any weapon-switching of the target
SetFogController <string>
Sets the env_fog_controller to use.
SpeakResponseConcept <string>
Speak the specified response concept immediately.
IgnitePlayer <integer>
Ignites the player with a specified lifetime and causes a reaction (sound and speech).
Note.pngNote:Does not fire the OnIgnite output.
Icon-Bug.pngBug:Broken since the Jungle Inferno update, initiating sound and speech but no actual fire. Use trigger_ignite as a workaround.
Extinguishes the player.
BleedPlayer <integer>
Bleeds the player with a specified length.
Forces the player to roll a rare spell. Only available if spells are enabled on the map.
SetCustomModel <string>
Set a custom player model without animations.
Note.pngNote:Using "" as the model argument will instead clear the target's custom model, returning the player to normal.
SetCustomModelWithClassAnimations <string>
Set a custom player model with animations.
SetCustomModelOffset <vector>
Set a custom player model position on the player.
SetCustomModelRotation <vector>
Set a custom player model rotation on the player.
Clears the custom player model rotation.
SetCustomModelRotates <boolean>
Set if the custom model rotates or not to the player's angles.
SetCustomModelVisibleToSelf <boolean>
Set if the custom model is visible to the player, in thirdperson.
SetForcedTauntCam <boolean>
Forces the player into thirdperson mode.
SpeakResponseConcept <string>
Forces the player to speak the specified response concept, an example being halloweenlongfall.
Sets a custom overlay material. This overlay is separate from normal overlays (e.g. burning or env_screenoverlay) and will not get overriden.
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Clears any magic spell within the player's current spell book.