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Documentation for creating custom maps with the Dota 2 Workshop Tools using the Hammer level editor.

Introduction to Hammer

Hammer is the editor used to create maps for Dota 2. This introductory tutorial is focused on creating a basic map using the Tile Editor within Hammer. This is a good place to start if new to Hammer or the Dota 2 Workshop Tools.

Hammer Documentation

Additional Hammer feature documentation. This includes some more advanced concepts such as geometry creation.

Dota 2 Concepts

Documentation on Dota 2 specific content.

Dota 2 Example Maps

  • dota_addons/holdout_example/holdout_example.vmap
  • dota_addons/holdout_example/basic.vmap
  • dota_addons/dota_pvp/dota_pvp.vmap
  • dota_addons/dota_pvp/dota_pvp_tiled.vmap
  • dota_addons/dota_pvp/simple_dota_map_example.vmap