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The minimap in Dota 2 is an image generated from a top-down perspective, high above the map. This image can be edited but is not dynamic and will need to be re-exported to support changes in geometry to the map. Dynamic objects such as tower locations or units are dynamic and projected on top of this image.

Various settings such as player icon size can be adjusted either in script or the dota_custom_game_events entity placed in Hammer. Other settings such as the scale or position (XY coordinates for example) must be edited in the /resource/overviews/minimapname.txt file.

Automatically Creating a Minimap Image

To automatically generate a minimap image in the Compile Map (F9) dialog by tick the "Create minimap on load" check box. Note that when generating a new minimap image, whether automatically or manually, it will overwrite your existing minimap image.

Manually Creating a Minimap Image

  • In Hammer, add two "dota_minimap_boundary" entities. One at each corner of the map to define the XY bounds. The delta in height on the Z axis between them determines the depth of the image captured.
  • Compile and launch the map.
  • Type dota_minimap_create at the console.
  • An image will be generated and placed in the /materials/overviews directory with the same name as the map.
  • Minimap settings are located in /resource/overviews/ inside a text file with the same name as the map and image.
Note.png Note: Minimap settings affect the dynamic icons, not the image itself. To change the image edit the image directly.