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Common Developer Commands

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There's a large number of developer commands that can help you playtest your addons and maps. There are two types of commands: console and in-game. The commands listed below are some of the most commonly used.

Note.pngNote:Some commands are considered cheats and require the game server to have sv_cheats 1 set.

Common Console Commands

Open VConsole with ` to input console commands.

Open VConsole with ` to enter console commands. For an in-depth look at VConsole see the VConsole documentation.

Typing the first part of a console command displays all the commands that begin similarly. For example, typing "dota_dev " (with the extra space afterwards) shows all the commands contained in the dota_dev category.

  • bind: Bind a command to a key with "bind [key] [command]". Example: "bind k dota_dev hero_teleport" executes dota_dev hero_teleport whenever the K key is pressed.
  • dota_ability_debug 1: Cast abilities without cooldowns. This will affect enemies as well!
  • dota_bot_give_level [N]: Add N levels to all the bots in game.
  • dota_dev hero_level [N]: Add N levels to the selected hero.
  • dota_dev hero_teleport: Teleport the selected hero to the current cursor location.
  • dota_dev forcegamestart: Forces the game to start (horn sounds, creeps spawn, etc).
  • dota_dev dota_gridnav_show: Toggles visibility of the navigation grid. It can be useful to bind a key to "incrementvar dota_gridnav_show 0 1 1" to toggle this information on and off.
  • dota_create_item item_*: Entering dota_create_item item_boots will create brown boots and place them in the selected hero's inventory. Typing "dota_create_item ", displays all items in the game.
  • dota_create_unit: Creates a unit at the cursor location. Any kind of unit can be spawned this way. "dota_create_unit earthshaker" spawns a controllable Earthshaker. "dota_create_unit earthshaker enemy" spawns an enemy Earthshaker.
  • fow_client_debug 1: Shows you how Fog of War is being determined (green squares are visible, red squares are Fog of War'd.
  • jointeam good: puts the player on the Radiant team and starts the hero picker. Conversely, "jointeam bad" places the player on the Dire team.
  • noclip: Player becomes non-solid and flies. In Dota 2, this only affects the camera -- a player is a separate concept and position from that player's hero.

Common In-Game Commands

Open chat with Enter to input in-game commands.

In-game commands are entered in chat with Enter.

  • -lvlup N: Adds N levels to the player's hero.
  • -gold N: Gives you N amount of gold.
  • -refresh: Refreshes the health, mana, and all abilities on cool down.