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The CSGO Map Publish Tool is accessed by the console command 'workshop_publish' from within the game.

Adding your map

Csgo map publish ui.jpg

To upload a new map to workshop, click on Add then fill out all the fields. At least one game mode is required and you should check all game modes your map would support.

If your map is very large and fails to upload, add "-lowmemworkshop" to your game launch settings and try again.

Updating your map

Csgo map update ui.jpg

To make changes to an existing submission, select it in the published files list and click Edit. This dialog looks allows you to edit any of the fields you set previously. In addition, when you upload a new version of your map you have the option of providing change notes in the Changes this update field.

When updating, only re-browse and select your bsp if you made changes to it. You can update title, description tags or the preview image without uploading a new bsp.

File Packing

The map publish tool will automatically pack certain files if present. If any of the files are on disk at the time the map is selected for upload, the tool will add these to the BSP's pak file for you.

  • maps/mapname.nav file used for bot navigation.
  • maps/mapname.txt file used to populate the loading screen text.
  • maps/mapname.kv file used to specify default game mode, character skins and other options .
  • resource/overviews/mapname_radar.dds used for the radar and spectator overlays.
Note.png Note: Altitude-based radar image files (/resource/overview/mapname_higher_radar.dds and /resource/overview/mapname_lower_radar.dds) are not packed by the tool and will need to be manually packed.
  • resource/overviews/mapname_radar_spectate.dds, an optional file used for the spectator overview if you would like your overview to look different than your radar. If this doesn't exist, it falls back to using the radar file.
  • maps/cfg/mapname.cfg, a cfg file to run when this map loads (used to support custom game modes).

Other files (for example, custom materials and textures not shipped with CSGO) need to be packed in the bsp separately using bspzip or third party tools. Note: Pakrat will corrupt some CSGO Nav files, so it's best to let the map publish tool do the nav file packing.

Known Bugs

  • A long description will be truncated, so you have to go through the web based workshop for editing it again.

Known Errors

When the Map Publish Tool is unable to update or upload the map, it will display a message referring to a specific error number. This section will attempt to explain them and show a possible solution:

  • Error 2 - Unknown cause (likely network problem); Solution: Try uploading later. Possibly an issue with your upload stream or the Steam servers.
  • Error 8 - Unknown cause (likely formatting issue); Solution: delete all contents within the "Change Notes" and "Description" dialog boxes.