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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Level Creation
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Retakes is a game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where Terrorists defend a planted bomb against Counter-Terrorists. This game mode features loadout cards that are dealt to players before each round starts.

To launch a map in this game mode, invoke the console commands game_type 0; game_mode 0; sv_skirmish_id 12; map <mapname>, or shorter: sv_skirmish_id 12; map <mapname> casual.

This document describes how you can add proper Retakes support to your bomb scenario maps, as well as how to customize the cards in your game.

Gamemode Description

On official servers, this gamemode is basicly like the Casual gamemode, but with the following differences:

  • There are 3 Terrorists playing against 4 Counter-Terrorists.
  • Each round, the Terrorists already spawn on a bombsite and the Counter-Terrorists spawn around it. One Terrorist holds the bomb and plants the bomb automatically, so that the bomb has been planted exactly when the freezetime ends. The planter cannot stop himself from planting. The bomb is planted even without players on the Terrorists' team.
  • During freezetime, players can neither shoot nor drop weapons. The Terrorists, except the planter, can already move during freezetime, but are restricted by blockers that disappear when the freezetime ends.
  • The buy menu is replaced with loadout cards that players are shown during freezetime. When picking one, they get the specified loadout. Opening the buy menu will show the cards again for a new choice. If the freezetime ends without a player's choice, he gets a random one of these cards. This is always the case for bots. The MVP of the last round gets an additional grenade in one of his cards.
  • During warmup, players respawn and can choose between four cards: an upgraded pistol round card, a full buy round card, the enemy card and the bonus card, see below. As bots don't pick a card, they have no gun during warmup, except they pick one up.

Server configuration

You can use the provided csgo/cfg/gamemode_retakecasual.cfg file as a baseline for your Retakes server.

How do I add proper Retakes support to an existing bomb scenario map?

Retakes works on any map with two bomb spots, even without special entities: The players will spawn on opposite bombsites (within a radius of about 256 units from the bombsite's center) and no one can move nor shoot in the freezetime while the bomb is planted.

Warning.png Warning:  If there is exactly one bombsite, the game crashes with a probability of 50 %. If not, CT spawns are not generated, so CTs spawn at default spawns.

However, the placement of players and bombs will follow a best effort algorithm that might yield unfair setups. In order to provide the best experience for players, the following entities should be added and configured on your bomb scenario map:

  • Brushes that restrict Terrorist movement while the bomb is planted.
  • A list of spawn points for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.
  • A list of bomb plants and their weight, which is how likely they're supposed to happen during a match.

Movement blockers for Terrorists

The tools/wrongway_timer tool texture is only visible to players close to the origin of the entity that this material is applied to.

If there are blockers for the current bombsite, Retakes allows Terrorists to move around during round setup.

Use Hammer to create func_brush entities that block passages around both bomb sites, name them either retake.asite or retake.bsite and make sure they start disabled. The game automatically removes them after the bomb is planted and the round starts.

Tip.png Tip:  They follow the same pattern as the Wingman blockers. You can use the tools/wrongway_timer material to display the new Retakes icon, similar to the tools/wrongway material, which fades into view.
Placementtip.gif Placement Tip: The idea is to create an enclosure that allows Terrorists some level of flexibility to position themselves in preparation for the retake. The boundaries should be set so that Terrorists cannot run too far and get too close to the CTs who are not allowed to move during this time. If you use generated spawns, the bounds should also not be too tight around the bombsite due to the spawning radius; Terrorists could spawn inside a blocker brush or on the other side of it.

List of spawn points and bomb plant locations

Alongside your map's bsp file you should create a file named mapname_retake.txt, located at csgo/maps/, e.g. csgo/maps/de_mirage_retake.txt. You can copy one of the active duty maps' files, rename it, and edit its contents accordingly.

The syntax for each spawn point is:

"<id>" "<x> <y> <z> <pitch> <yaw> <roll>"

The <id> can be any string, just be sure not to use any of them multiple times, as the last of them overwrites the first. For simplicity, you can use indices (0, 1 , 2, ...) just like Valve.
The other values can be obtained in-game using getpos on your console.

At the start of each round, the game will choose the spawn points for each player randomly with equal probability from the corresponsing list, using each <id> at most once. If there are less spawn points than players, the game generates more.

Tip.png Tip:  If you don't want unpredictable spawn points, include at least as many spawn points as the maximum number of players. Include even more to have a variety of different spawns; This concerns especially CT spawns, as it influences where Ts have to expect CTs to come from.

The syntax for each bomb plant spot is:

"<id>" "<weight> <x> <y> <z> <pitch> <yaw> <roll>"

There's an additional weight factor, indicating how often this bomb plant location occurs during a match. For example, if you have a bomb plant location with a weight of 1, and another with a weight of 10, the latter is 10 times more likely to occur during a retakes match than the former. If all bomb plant locations have the same weight, they are all equally likely to be picked during a match.

Note.png Note:  The bomb will be lying or floating at exactly those coordinates. If you use getpos to obtain a position, subtract 64 units from the <z> coordinate, otherwise the bomb will float at head height.
Note.png Note:  The bomb will be planted, even if the player does not touch a func_bomb_target. The retake scenario could take place at any location on the map.

If any information is missing, the game will do a best-effort algorithm to generate spawn points, but it is not guaranteed to produce fair results.

How do I customize my deck of cards?

The deck of cards for player loadouts can be customized using specific ConVars. The game comes with a default deck of cards that has been tested on all active duty maps.

Note.png Note:  Changing these ConVars in-game has no effect! [Clarify] You should set the following ConVars on your Retakes server configuration file, see #Server configuration section above, or set them in the file csgo/cfg/gamemode_retakecasual.cfg.

Card deck ConVars

The card distribution has the following system: Each round, the round type determines a deck of cards that each teams gets. These cards are distributed to all players within each team. There are the following round types:

Round types and their card deck ConVars
Round(s) Round Type Card Deck ConVars
1 Default Pistol Round mp_retake_ct_loadout_default_pistol_round "<deck string>"
mp_retake_t_loadout_default_pistol_round "<deck string>"
2 Upgraded Pistol Round mp_retake_ct_loadout_upgraded_pistol_round "<deck string>"
mp_retake_t_loadout_upgraded_pistol_round "<deck string>"
3 Light Buy Round mp_retake_ct_loadout_light_buy_round "<deck string>"
mp_retake_t_loadout_light_buy_round "<deck string>"
4, 5, ... Full Buy Round mp_retake_ct_loadout_full_buy_round "<deck string>"
mp_retake_t_loadout_full_buy_round "<deck string>"

Each of these ConVars is a <deck string> with special characters that determine the deck of cards for the given round type and team. All <deck string>s have the same syntax:

Expression Syntax Example
<deck string> <# of defusers for team>|<card group>|<card group>|...|<card group> 4|<card group>
0|<card group>|<card group>|<card group>
<card group> <# of cards from this group in deck>;<card>;<card>;...;<card> 3;<card>
<card> <card title>,<0/1 for armor>,<0/1 for helmet>,<item>,<item>,...,<item> #GameUI_Retake_Card_FlashOut,0,0,secondary2,grenade2
Heavy Weapons Guy,1,0,heavy3


<# of defusers for team> This number indicates the number of defuse kits available for this round type. These will be randomly assigned to players on the team in question.
<# of cards from this group in deck> This is the number of cards from a group that is added to the deck of a team. Each card of the group can be added multiple times. Example: The card group 3;<card 1> will always add three times <card 1> to the deck. The group 1;<card 1>;<card 2> will add one card to the deck, either <card 1> or <card 2>. The group 2;<card 1>;<card 2> adds either two times <card 1>, or two times <card 2> or one of each to the deck. This process of adding is random.
<card> Any syntax errors in a card make it invalid. Invalid cards have no title and provide only a P250.
<card title> This string is the card title. It can contain spaces if the whole command expression is quoted. It makes sense to use string tokens here, for example #GameUI_Retake_Card_TheAWPortunity. You can look existing string tokens up, e.g. in the file csgo/resource/csgo_english.txt by searching for GameUI_Retake_Card.
<0/1 for armor>,
<0/1 for helmet>
These characters are either 0 or 1, indicating whether this card provides armor and/or a helmet, so the only possibilities for these are 0,0 (no armor), 1,0 (kevlar), 0,1 (kevlar and helmet) and 1,1 (kevlar and halmet). Invalid values behave like 0.
<item>,<item>,...,<item> This is a comma-separated list of weapons and grenades that a card provides. The first one in this list will be displayed with a big image, subsequent items are shown as pictograms below. If the first one is not a pistol, a card with this will also give a player his default pistol. If multiple weapons for the same slot are given, all but the first are dropped. An <item> can only be one of the values secondary, heavy, smg, rifle or grenade, appended with a number (0-5), for example rifle4 (AWP). Consider the table below. This semantics comes from the buy menu.
0 1 2 3 4 5
secondary Glock-18 / USP-S / P2000 Dual Berettas P250 Tec-9 / CZ75-Auto / Five-SeveN Desert Eagle / R8 Revolver nothing
heavy Nova XM1014 Sawed-Off / MAG-7 M249 Negev nothing
smg MAC-10 / MP9 MP7 / MP5-SD UMP-45 P90 PP-Bizon nothing
rifle Galil AR / FAMAS AK-47 / M4A4 / M4A1-S SSG 08 SG 553 / AUG AWP G3SG1 / SCAR-20
grenade Molotov / Incendiary Grenade Decoy Flashbang HE Grenade Smoke nothing
Warning.png Warning:  The game can crash at the end of the freezetime if a player has no cards to choose from. This happens if there are less cards than players on a team.

As an example, consider the default card deck for CTs for the default pistol round (mp_retake_ct_loadout_default_pistol_round):


To get a representation that is easier to read and edit, we split it up into its components in a text editor:

"1|3;<card 1>|1;<card 2>;<card 3>"                                  // One CT gets a defuse kit. The deck consists of 3x <card 1> plus 1x <card 2> or <card 3>.

<card 1> = #GameUI_Retake_Card_4v3,0,0,secondary0                   // title "4v3",           no kevlar, no helmet, P2000/USP-S
<card 2> = #GameUI_Retake_Card_FlashOut,0,0,secondary0,grenade2     // title "Flash Out!",    no kevlar, no helmet, P2000/USP-S + Flashbang
<card 3> = #GameUI_Retake_Card_HideAndPeek,0,0,secondary0,grenade4  // title "Hide and Peek", no kevlar, no helmet, P2000/USP-S + Smoke

Enemy cards

In some full buy rounds[Clarify], a player is dealt an additional card that he can choose from. The special thing about this card is that the first <item> is picked from the enemy team's default loadout. For example, if a CT gets this card with the first <item> being rifle0, the weapon is a Galil AR instead of a FAMAS. This card is defined with the ConVars:

mp_retake_ct_loadout_enemy_card <card>
mp_retake_t_loadout_enemy_card <card>

Bonus cards

In full buy rounds, there is a certain number of additional bonus cards in each team's deck. Currently there's only one bonus card definition per team. The ConVars are:

mp_retake_ct_loadout_bonus_card <card>
mp_retake_t_loadout_bonus_card <card>

For the format, see above. The default value for both teams is "#GameUI_Retake_Card_TheAWPortunity,1,1,rifle4".

There's a ConVar that controls the availability of bonus cards in full buy rounds per team:

mp_retake_ct_loadout_bonus_card_availability "1,2"
mp_retake_t_loadout_bonus_card_availability "1,1,2"

The value is a string of comma-delimited integers. Each integer represents a number of bonus cards dealt for a team in a full buy round. In the first full buy round, the first integer determines the number of bonus cards. For the next full buy round, the next integer is used. If all integers have been used, the first is used again and this pattern repeats.

A value of "1,2" indicates that during the first full buy round, 1 bonus card will be dealt; The second full buy round will feature 2 bonus cards. Then, only 1 bonus card will be dealt, followed by 2 the next round.
For the value "1,1,2", the availability is instead "1 card, 1 card, 2 cards, 1 card, 1 card, 2 cards, ..."

Warning.png Warning:  The game crashes at match start if the value is "" or if the first integer is 0 or invalid. If set to one of these values, the bonus card during warmup is empty.

To do:  Is the above explanation really the case? Values like "4", "4,4", "99", "99,99" should increase the probability to get a bonus card, but apparently they don't.

Other Console Commands

Command Default value Description
mp_retake_ct_count 4 The number of players on the CT side.
mp_retake_t_count 3 The number of players on the T side.
mp_retake_max_consecutive_rounds_same_target_site 2 The maximum number of rounds in a row on the same bombsite.