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This document describes the basics entities needed to make levels for The Ship. It assumes you already have knowledge of basic Hammer functions and The Ship's gameplay. See the Hammer Editor Documentation for information on basic Hammer functions such as geometry creation and entity placement.

Basic The Ship entities

An old favorite
This entity links all mandatory security entities together. Rooms referenced by this entity should contain a cache of info_player_destination entities for teleportation points. See The Ship Justice System
A map must be smothered with this brush entity to have the quarry info correctly reported. For more information, see The Ship Basics: Rooms.
One of the security cameras placed in a map should be a designated courtroom camera, also referenced by the security booth entity. See The Ship Justice System
Teleport destinations should be placed in all rooms referenced by ship_security_camera
This is a container prop that allows players to explore rooms.
This is an item spawner that can spawn things to the world and to containers.
This entity marks a surface that a player can interact with. It can be as simple as a door or as complex as a shop. For more informations, see The Ship Basics: Interactions.
This entity is used as a location for rendering the player's model over the UI.

Other important components

This entity is a core aspect to the ambiance of rooms. Most rooms, if not all, have a soundscape.
Breakable windows can be fun.
Doors in official maps are inserted using a rotating door prop accompanied ship_base_interaction.
A large percent of scenery in official maps are inserted using prop_static.
A hurt volume for a trap should be parented to a ship_trap entity to function correctly.