The Ship Basics: Rooms

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Note:For the sake of this article, @ represents a deck letter.
Note:For the sake of this article, # represents a number.
  1. Fill the room with a brush with material tools/toolsshiproom
    Note:If the room has an odd shape, either use multiple room entities or bind multiple brushes to the same entity; it's your call.
  2. Select the brush and make it a ship_trigger_room
    1. Set its Name as Deck_@_Corridor_# or something to that extent
      Note:No targetname is needed for a room that will not have a security camera or any other entity targeting it.
    2. If you'd like to fine players for trespassing, set the Trespass Sentence and Trespass Fine keyvalues
    3. Change the Room Deck, Room Number, Room Name, and Room Type to correspond to the room you are making