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lang and multipage

Wisdurm22:15, 23 December 2023 (UTC+2)
Anybody know how to transition pages using {{lang}} to {{multipage}}? The amount of pages (especially quite important ones) using lang has really hampered my translating efforts. Are you supposed to move all the translated pages like Category:Modding:fr to Category:Modding/fr individually and mark all the old pages with deletion. I know there's some info on the multipage documentation page, but it's a bit unclear and I'd really rather not create some big mess.
Pee21:09, 23 December 2023 (UTC)
Here's everything you need to do for normal pages (templates are handled seperately, they should ideally just be one template that uses {{autolang}})

1. Move the English page to [page name]/en

2. For all other languages, move them to be subpages of the base page (e.g. from Main Page:es to Main Page/es).

3. Assuming no pages link to the original language page, mark it for deletion.

4. Replace all instances of {{lang}} on the subpages with {{langsp}}, and if the page should have a different title in said language, instead use {{langsp|title=[translation]}}.

5. Remove any categories the subpages are in.

6. Add {{MultiPage}} to the base page and place categories there as well.

7. If {{this is a}} was on the English page, move it to the base page. It'll automatically translate based on the language.

So, if Main Page:es contained this:

{{lang|title=Display Title}} Page Contents [[Category:1]]

then Main Page/es should contain this (note the omission of the category):

{{langsp|title=Display Title}} Page Contents
As for categories, the pages in the category (not specifically the ones in the content of the page, but rather what follows "The following $1 pages are in this category, out of $2 total.") should be converted to MultiPage, so that the category should contain no pages. After that, just do what you would do for regular pages.