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I'm a Half-Life 2 modder experienced with Hammer, Faceposer, and programming with Source SDK 2013. I'm mostly known for Mapbase, a special mod for Source 2013 which improves the engine and entities to be more capable and stable for mapping and other kinds of modding.

A lot of my changes on the VDC are dedicated to documenting bugs, fixes, and workarounds (I created Template:Fix and Template:Bugfix after some personal grievances regarding how certain bugs were documented) and I've worked to improve the documentation of Source mods in relevant areas. I've also filled in obscure stubs like Prop interactions or Creating Faceposer gestures and I've assisted with improving how some features are documented.

Now, I mostly work on Mapbase, which contains many of the fixes I've documented on this wiki and I highly recommend checking it out if you're modding for Source 2013.


Aside from my talk page here on the VDC, you can also find me on a few other websites: