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This template uses a strings subpage
Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.

Adds a cool message stating that the page on which this template is located is a language subpage.

Tip.pngTip:You can also use Template:Langsp or Template:Lang sp shortcut which is much quicker to type, if you already moving the page and renaming (example: /en language subpage) from {{Lang}} to {{Langsp}}. They both redirects to this template.

Blank image.pngTodo: Ability to switch between language subpages.


  • {{{title}}} - The title of the root page.
  • {{{1}}} - The contents should show on the root page. It's useful for adding categories.
  • {{{force}}} - Forces the notice to display, even if it is not on a subpage (used for sandbox)


{{Language subpage|title=Language subpage}}

{{Language subpage|[[Category:Translation templates]]}}


Unsupported language abbreviation "Language subpage"

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