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Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.


Global Entity Name <string>
Name to identify entity accross level transitions. Entities with the same global name will have the same status accross maps.


Target on break <target_destination>
The targetname of the entity to be targeted when this entity breaks.
Strength <integer>
Amount of damage to take before breaking.
Material Type <choices>
Material to use for sounds and gibs.
  • 0: "Glass"
  • 1: "Wood"
  • 2: "Metal"
  • 3: "Flesh"
  • 4: "Cinder Block"
  • 5: "Ceiling Tile"
  • 6: "Computer"
  • 7: "Unbreakable Glass"
  • 8: "Rocks"
Gibs Direction <choices>
Wether gibs should fly in a random direction or relative to the attack that broke this entity.
  • 0: "Random"
  • 1: "Relative to Attack"
Delay before fire <integer>
Time in seconds after breaking before targeting the "Target on break" entity.
Gib model <studio>
Model to use for gibs spawned when broken instead of default, material dependent gibs. Relative to mod folder.
Spawn on break <choices>
Item to spawn when broken.
Explode Magnitude (0=none) <integer>
Magnitude of explosion when broken. Will not explode if 0.