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logic_auto is a point entity available in all Source games.

Entity description

Logic auto.png

It fires outputs immediately after a map loads, unlike most other entities that wait for input first. It can be set to check a global state before firing, which allows you to fire events based on what took place in a previous map.

If the "Remove on fire" flag is set, the logic_auto is deleted after firing. Delayed outputs will still work, however.

Warning.png Warning: Attempting to directly access or modify the player may cause Access Violation errors, because the outputs are fired before the player has spawned. Adding a slight time delay may overcome this.


Global State to Read <choices>
If set, this specifies a global state to check before firing. The OnMapSpawn output will only fire if the global state is set. Valve's FGDs always include the HL2 global states here, but any value can be entered. See env_global for a list of default global states in each game.


  • 1 : Remove on fire


Fired when the map is loaded for any reason including saves.
Fired when the map is loaded to start a new game.
Fired when the map is loaded from a saved game.
Fired when the map is loaded due to a level transition.
Fired when the map is loaded as a background to the main menu.
Fired only in multiplayer, when a new map is loaded.
Bug.png Bug: Also fires when a new round starts, making it behave identically to OnMultiNewRound.
Fired only in multiplayer, when a new round is started. Only fired in multiplayer games that use round-based gameplay.
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