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A main feature of Portal 2 is its use of instances. In short, instances (placed in Hammer with the func_instance entity) allow for the placement of VMFs inside other VMFs. They are similar to prefabs, but when the source file of an instance is modified the changes take effect in all maps containing them. For more information see Instance.

Below is a list of the instances provided with the Portal 2 Authoring Tools. They are categorized by the folder structure in which they are packaged and I've tried to make a short description for each one; any help is greatly appreciated.

Instances are stored in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\sdk_content\maps\instances\.

Note: the terms "powerup" and "powerdown" refer to the activation and deactivation of the facility, respectively, as this is the terminology Valve uses in the animations.


  • global_ents.vmf
Environment and campaign entities. Recommended in all maps. global_ents.vmf (Portal 2) contains a list of the HDR preset settings available in the instance.
  • global_ents_generic.vmf
Basic set of environment and singleplayer entities. Useful for test maps.


  • 64x64_animated_wall_panel_x4panels.vmf
A horizontal row of four panels that can be triggered to use powerup and powerdown animations.
  • 64x64_wall_repair_x2panels.vmf
A horizontal row of two panels that can be trigger to use powerup animations.
  • 64x64_wall_repair_x8panels_bendy01.vmf
Two columns of four panels that can be triggerd to use powerup animations. Slighty more "bendy" and organic as the name suggests.
  • 64x64_wall_repair_x8panels_bendy02.vmf
Same as above only using a slightly different animation.
  • 128x128_ceiling_panel_fall_01.vmf
A dirty ceiling panel below a clean ceiling panel; the dirty one hinges and falls, replaced by the clean one. Does not use models but instead a func_physbox and func_door.
  • 128x128_ceiling_panel_fall_02.vmf
Same as above but without the clean ceiling panel replacing the dirty one. Dirty panel hinges and falls.
  • 128x128_ramp_90degree_01c.vmf
A 2x2 square of panels that can move back and forth from vertical to horizontal to form a ramp from a wall.
  • 128x128_wall_panel_fall_01.vmf
Identical to 128x128_ceiling_panel_fall_01.vmf but vertical for a wall.
  • 128x128_wall_panel_rotate_01.vmf
A wall panel that moves slightly forward and rotates.
  • 128x128_wall_panel_rotate_01.vmf
Same as above only rotates in the opposite direction.
  • 128x128_wall_replace_01.vmf
A 2x2 square of vertical panels that can open into and close back into the wall of a chamber to allow a "peek" effect. Seen when Wheatly pops his head in to a chamber.
  • 128x192_ramp_90degree_02b_reversible_02.vmf
A large section/ramp that can be rotated into and out of a wall.


  • bts_pipes_01_256.vmf
  • bts_pipes_01_512.vmf
  • bts_pipes_01_corner_128.vmf
  • bts_pipes_01b_256.vmf
  • bts_pipes_01b_corner_128.vmf
  • bts_pipes_01c_256.vmf
Various pipe structures for use in destroyed-themed maps
  • bts_truss_01_032x512.vmf
A prop_static set to models/props_bts/truss_512_cheap.mdl
  • bts_wall_module.vmf
A piece of testchamber wall with lights for use in Wheatley-themed test chambers


  • floor_button_black_intact.vmf
A prop_floor_button on a clean black button base.
  • floor_button_base_intact_black.vmf
  • floor_button_base_intact_white.vmf
Clean button bases with black or white panels.
  • floor_button_base_destroyed_black.vmf
  • floor_button_base_destroyed_white.vmf
Ruined button bases with black or white panels.
Warning.png Warning: The button base edges are made of a lot more brushes than necessary and cause tiny fissures. It's recommended to optimize them!


  • entry_hallway_tall_dirty_nocaps_bustfloor.vmf
A static hallway with a bulging floor. Random stuff (cubes, turrets, etc.) can be seen below causing the bulge.


  • glados_gen_actor.vmf
A nodraw box containing the generic_actor set to GLaDOS. Presumably for use with in-game scenes, lines, etc.


  • bot_disassembler_blue.vmf
The disassembly machine for Atlas.
  • bot_disassembler_orange.vmf
The disassembly machine for P-Body.
  • coop_endlevel_room.vmf
Disassembler/exit room, clean theme.
  • coop_endlevel_room_paint.vmf
Disassembler/exit room, underground theme.
  • coop_flipglass_door.vmf
The 4-panel airlock doorway.
  • coop_lighting_ents.vmf
Like global_ents.vmf but for co-op.
  • coop_spawn_room.vmf
Co-op entrance room, clean theme.
  • coop_spawn_room_bridge.vmf
Co-op entrance room, destroyed theme.
  • coop_spawn_room_paint.vmf
Co-op entrance room, underground theme.
  • coop_team_double_exit_door.vmf
A testchamber door specialized for co-op.
  • coop_team_double_exit_door_paint.vmf
Same as above, underground theme.
  • coop_underground_spawn_block.vmf
A detailed co-op entrance room, underground theme.


  • dest_floor_02a_128x256.vmf
A prop instance for use with destroyed-themed test chambers.
  • destruction_ambience.vmf
Several entities including an ambient_generic, env_shake, a logic_timer, and the other logic entites that make them work. All entities are parented to a func_tracktrain that moves around a very large square, which is used to give the impression that distant explosions are coming from different directions. For use with Wheatley-themed test chambers.


  • portal_coop_double_exit_door_black.vmf
A prop_testchamber_door set up for coop maps.
  • portal_coop_exit_door_black.vmf
  • portal_entry_door_black.vmf
  • portal_entry_door_black_dirty.vmf
  • portal_entry_door_nopaint.vmf
  • portal_entry_door_white.vmf
  • portal_entry_door_white_dirty.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_black.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_black_dirty.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_nopaint.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_white.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_white_dirty.vmf
All the above appear to be prop_linked_portal_doors set up as exits and entrances to chambers.
  • vertical_security_door.vmf
A vert_door_animated set up.
  • door_ents.vmf
  • door_ents_noareaportal
Self explainatory.
  • portal_door_frame_black.vmf
  • portal_door_frame_black_dirty.vmf
  • portal_door_frame_nopaint.vmf
  • portal_door_frame_white.vmf
  • portal_door_frame_white_dirty.vmf
Door frames that appear to fit the prop_linked_portal_door entity. They cannot be passed through due to a black brush entity.
  • portal_entry_door_ents.vmf
  • portal_exit_door_ents.vmf
Both are simply an unaltered prop_linked_portal_door entities, with no difference between the two.


  • active_03.vmf
A "junk stacked in elevator" scene. Used in sp_a2_column_blocker.


  • animated_paintable_pushout_128.vmf
  • animated_paintable_unportalable_pushout_128.vmf
  • animated_pushout_128.vmf
  • animated_pushout_128_angled.vmf
  • animated_pushout_128_pinger.vmf
  • animated_pushout_128_pinger_blue.vmf
  • animated_pushout_128_pinger_orange.vmf
Several piston surfaces that seem to be based on the pistons from Portal 1. One thing to note is that animated_pushout_128 and animated_pushout_128_angled are the only ones of these that aren't missing textures. The ones that are missing textures seem to be missing textures that weren't ported from Portal 1.
  • catapult_set_1300.vmf
Two models of the beta faith plates, which used panel arms. This links both together, and isn't really of use.
  • cleanser_128x128.vmf
  • cleanser_embedded_128x128.vmf
Self-explanatory. The second has black panel brushes covering the cleanser edges.
  • coop_bluebot_dropper.vmf
  • coop_bluebot_dropper_paint.vmf
  • coop_redbot_dropper.vmf
  • coop_redbot_dropper_paint.vmf
The droppers that spawn Atlas and P-body. The "_paint" refers to the underground droppers.
  • crusher_ceiling_01.vmf
A very basic crusher that uses the crusher head and a regular panel arm, rather than the whole model. Probably an early model of the crusher.
  • cube_dropper_a4.vmf
  • cube_dropper_a4_box.vmf
Two nearly identical versions of the Franken-cube dropper.
  • cube_dropper_dropontrigger_normal.vmf
  • cube_dropper_large.vmf
  • cube_dropper_large_dirty.vmf
Two cube droppers with a vaccutube visible behind the dropper.
  • cube_dropper_monster.vmf
  • cube_dropper_monster_box.vmf
Two identical droppers. Neither have the walls behind the dropper.
  • cube_dropper_multiple_normal.vmf
  • cube_dropper_multiple_break.vmf
The regular box droppers used in many maps. The latter drops antique cubes despite being a modern dropper.
  • cube_dropper_normal.vmf
  • cube_dropper_normal_dirty.vmf
An instance using cube_dropper_shared. The latter uses the dirty variant.
  • cube_dropper_pedleton.vmf
  • cube_dropper_player.vmf
A uniquely created dropper that does nothing. The latter is most likely used to spawn the player.
  • cube_dropper_shared.vmf
  • cube_dropper_shared_dirty.vmf
Similar to the multiple_normal, but only the entities.
There are also reflection cube and sphere versions, beginning with "reflectocube_" and "sphere_", respectively.
  • debris_pusher
A phys_explosion that does exactly what it says.
  • door_4_panel.vmf
The doors for the Coop checkpoint.
  • faithplate_black.vmf
  • faithplate_black_imposter.vmf
  • faithplate_clean.vmf
  • faithplate_dirty.vmf
  • faithplate_dirty_imposter
Instances of faithplates. The "_black" are most likely earlier versions.
  • fizzler_black_clean.vmf
  • fizzler_black_dirty.vmf
  • fizzler_white_dirty.vmf
Similar to cleanser_embedded_128x128, except with more versions. Oddly, there isn't a fizzler_white_clean.
  • floor_catwalk_64.vmf
  • floor_catwalk_64_no_shell.vmf
  • floor_catwalk_128.vmf
  • floor_catwalk_128x256.vmf
  • floor_catwalk_glass_128.vmf
Contrary to their names, these actually do not seem to involve catwalks, rather they include airlock panels.
  • glass_breakable_192x128.vmf
  • item_dropper.vmf
  • item_dropper_broken.vmf
Very similar to multiple_normal, but with two invisible brushes inside the dropper, likely to align the cube. The latter is a dirty varaint.
  • paint_bomb_dropper.vmf
  • paint_bomb_dropper_auto.vmf
  • paint_bomb_dropper_bounce.vmf
  • paint_bomb_dropper_modern.vnf
  • paint_bomb_dropper_speed.vmf
These are rather unusual. They are all set up like cube droppers. The first uses a cube dropper base for the dropper, as does modern, similar to beta. Auto uses a damaged version of this dropper. Bounce and speed simply use vaccutubes for the droppers.
  • paint_cleanser_128x128.vmf
An unused version of the fizzler with the purpose of cleaning/ blocking gel. Interestingly, it uses the Portal 1 fizzler emitters instead of the rgular ones.
  • paint_dropper.vmf
  • paint_dropper_bounce.vmf
  • paint_dropper_erase.vmf
  • paint_dropper_speed.vmf
  • paint_dropper_stick.vmf
Paint droppers that use cube droppers, similar to how they appeared in beta. Interestingly, it includes "_stick" referring to the cut Adhesion gel.
  • portal_emitter_blue.vmf
  • portal_emitter_orange.vmf

More to be added soon.


  • observation_room_02_256x128_1off.vmf
An empty observation room with a window 256 by 128, without lighting or furniture.
  • observation_room_64x128_1.vmf
  • observation_room_64x128_1b.vmf
An observation room with a window 64 by 128. The room turns to the right. It contains two stools, a desk, and two monitors. The latter seems to be the same as the former, with the addition of an overhead light.
  • observation_room_64x128_1off.vmf
An observation room with a window 64 by 128. It produces no light, and the room turns to the left. It has no furniture.
  • observation_room_64x128_2off.vmf
A room similar to observation_room_64x128_1b.vmf, except it lacks monitors and doesn't give off light.
  • observation_room_64x128_3off.vmf
An observation room that looks similar to observation_room_64x128_1off.vmf, but the room is smaller, and it lacks an entry door.
  • observation_room_128x128_1.vmf
  • observation_room_128x128_1b.vmf

A room with a window that's 128 by 128. It contains two lab chairs and a desk, but lacks a door. The latter adds an overhead light.

  • observation_room_128x128_1off.vmf

A duplicate room of observation_room_128x128_1.vmf, but it lacks chairs, lighting, and the window is broken.

  • observation_room_128x128_notbroken_off.vmf

A room similar to observation_room_128x128_1off.vmf, but the window isn't broken. It still gives off no light.

  • observation_room_192x128_1.vmf
  • observation_room_192x128_1b.vmf

A room with a window that's 192 by 128. The former only contains a desk, and lacks chairs or a door. The latter is exact same, with the inclusion of a single monitor, and overhead light.

  • observation_room_192x128_1off.vmf

An exact duplicate of observation_room_192x128_1.vmf, but without the lighting.

  • observation_room_192x128_2.vmf

A room similar to observation_room_192x128_1b.vmf, but for some reason has a glass cover light inside the window, and the lighting is misplaced.

  • observation_room_256x128_1.vmf
  • observation_room_256x128_1b.vmf

The former is a room that matches observation_room_256x128_1off.vmf, but with lighting. The latter has the inclusion of a ceiling light.

  • observation_room_256x128_2off.vmf

An exact duplicate of observation_room_256x128_1off.vmf.

  • observation_room_256x128_norefract.vmf

A duplicate of observation_room_256x128_1.vmf, but lacks a prop_static glass_observation_1.mdl for the window, the inside window texture is incorrectly aligned.


Cool in filename means cool light (more blue), warm means warm light (more red) and neutral means white light (like sunlight). off/low/med/high gives the intensity of light.

  • bts_lightarray_warm_01_cheap.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128a.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128a_nolight.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128a_off.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128b.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128b_background.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128b_warm.vmf
  • bts_light_fluorescent _01_128c.vmf
  • light_panel_128_back.vmf
  • light_panel_128_backstage_med.vmf
  • light_panel_128_cool_high.vmf
  • light_panel_128_cool_med.vmf
  • light_panel_128_neutral_high.vmf
  • light_panel_128_neutral_med.vmf
  • light_panel_128_warm_high.vmf
  • light_panel_128_warm_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_cool_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_cool_med_detail.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_neutral_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_neutral_med_damaged.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_neutral_med_detail.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_neutral_out.vmf
  • light_panel_32x128_warm_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x256_cool_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x256_cool_med_detail.vmf
  • light_panel_32x256_neutral_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x256_warm_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x512_cool_med.vmf
  • light_panel_32x512_warm_med.vmf
  • light_panel_64_back.vmf
  • light_panel_64_backstage_med.vmf
  • light_panel_64_cool_high.vmf
  • light_panel_64_cool_low.vmf
  • light_panel_64_cool_med.vmf
  • light_panel_64_neutral_high.vmf
  • light_panel_64_neutral_low.vmf
  • light_panel_64_neutral_med.vmf
  • light_panel_64_warm_high.vmf
  • light_panel_64_warm_low.vmf
  • light_panel_64_warm_med.vmf
  • swinging_ceiling_light.vmf
  • swinging_ceiling_light_off.vmf
  • underground_fluorescent_1_cool.vmf
  • underground_fluorescent_1_warm.vmf
  • underground_hanging_light_1.vmf
  • underground_hanging_light_2.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_broken_01.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_broken_02.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_broken_03.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_broken_04.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_warm_01.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_warm_01_cheap.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_warm_02.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_warm_02_cheap.vmf
  • underground_lightarray_warm_03_cheap.vmf
  • underground_light_panel_32x256_cool.vmf
  • underground_light_panel_32x256_warm.vmf
  • underground_light_wall01_cool.vmf
  • underground_light_wall01_warm.vmf
  • underground_light_wall01_warm_nobeam.vmf
  • underground_smallspot_1_cool.vmf
  • underground_smallspot_1_warm.vmf
  • underground_spot_warm_01.vmf


  • wheatley_bigscreen.vmf
A wheatley monitor. Position flush into the wall, then trigger inputs to extend it. The instance contains logic to break the screen when cubes or players impact at high speeds,
  • wheatley_studio.vmf
A room containing a Wheatley actor and camera to display on monitors. Place one in every map, and send inputs to cause him to enter/leave the view or change the zoom. Wheatley will automatically perform animations in sync with any A4 choreo_scenes.


To be added soon.


  • info_sign_sp_clean.vmf
The test chamber sign, clean theme.
  • info_sign_sp_dirty.vmf
The test chamber sign, destroyed/reconstructing themes.


  • bday_antechamber.vmf
The 'surprise' room from the game.
  • sp_a3_speed_ramp_column.vmf
An underground light-pylon.
  • sp_a4_laser_cat_box_1_wall.vmf
A wall in the Wheatly style, with a monster box and ledge-forimg panels.
  • sp_trust_fling_1.vmf
A large piece of func_detail, in the destroyed style.


  • arrival_departure_transition_ents.vmf
Contains entities for spawning in or transitioning between levels. Recommended for test chamber maps. To do: Page describing Portal 2 transition entities.
  • transition_entry.vmf
Nested in arrival_departure_transition_ents.vmf. Entities for transitioning into a test chamber. Contains info_player_start.
  • transition_exit.vmf
Nested in arrival_departure_transition_ents.vmf. Entities for transitioning from a test chamber.


  • elevator_structure.vmf
The main room of the turbine elevator entity.
  • Shaft_vista_v2.vmf
The lower area of Chapter 4, Test Chamber 18, during the elevator ride, where the player meets up with Wheatley.
  • tube_elevator_bottom.vmf
  • tube_elevator_top.vmf
The tubes for the elevator below and above (respectively) of the elevator room.


there are two type of instance the departure and the arrival

  • _base.vmf
the XX_base.vmf is the structure of tube elevator, there are some different skin of the room (destroyed,clean,...) with 42 vgui_movie_display entities
  • _logic.vmf
the XX_logic.vmf is the motion of tube elevator, there are two version (come from up or down) contains some trigger to activate elevator sound or open first door of the map. there is a logic_script to call the video script for the vgui_movie_display in the XX_base.vmf

all this instance (logic and base) can be stick with the long block behind the structure of elevator


  • fadetodeath_goo.vmf
Simple player_loadsaved instance, used to load the last saved game when falling into the goo.
  • test_chamber_door.vmf
Underground test chamber door.
  • test_dome_interior_01.vmf
4096x4096 underground testing dome with surrounding sealing.
  • test_dome_entrance_lift_01.vmf
Underground entrance lift.
  • test_dome_exit_lift_01.vmf
Underground exit lift.
  • trapdoor_cube_dropper.vmf
Underground cube dropper.


Instances used for the Puzzlemaker. These instances are quite complex and are not recommended for use outside of the Puzzlemaker's generated maps.

  • arrival_departure_transition_ents.vmf
Room containing the level start and exit triggers, for Portal 2's level start/stop system.
  • barrier_hazard_base.vmf
AND logic to control fizzler enabling/disabling. The fizzler/laserfield brushes themselves are generated by the PeTI.
  • barrier_hazard_model.vmf
An instanced version of the fizzler model, controled by the base instance.
  • bot_disassembler_blue.vmf
  • bot_disassembler_orange.vmf
Modified versions of the Coop disassemblers used inside the coop_exit instance.
  • bridge.vmf
Instanced version of Hard Light Bridges.
  • coop_dropper.vmf
Player respawn dropper, with instance vsriables to set the team. Used inside the door_entrance_coop_1 instance.
  • coop_exit.vmf
Cooperative disassembly room, including worldportals to connect to the main level.
  • cube_companion.vmf
  • cube_monster.vmf
  • cube_reflection.vmf
  • cube_sphere.vmf
  • cube_standard.vmf
Instances to spawn the various dropperless cubes. Point_templates are used to allow the cubes to spawn in late, when the @relay_spawn_3 relay is triggered. This allows angled panels and light bridges to initialise without affecting the cubes.
  • door_coop_exit_door.vmf
A exit door with camera, and associated logic to lock it until both players are standing in front of it. Used by the door_exit_coop_*.vmf instances.
  • door_entrance_1.vmf - door_entrance_7.vmf
Various entry corridors randomly chosen for singleplayer maps. Use worldportals to connect to the elevator.
  • door_entrance_coop_1.vmf
The entry spawn room for coop maps. There is no worldportal in this instance, unlike the other entry/exit rooms.
  • door_exit_1.vmf - door_exit_4.vmf
Various exit corridors randomly chosen for singleplayer maps. Use worldportals to connect to the elevator. If $no_player_start is set to 0, the map will restart after reaching the corridor.
  • door_exit_coop_1.vmf - door_exit_coop_4.vmf
Various exit corridors randomly chosen for coop maps. Use worldportals to connect to the disassembler. If $no_player_start is set to 0, the map will restart after reaching the corridor.
  • door_frame_black.vmf
  • door_frame_white.vmf
Door cutouts used with the entry/exit corridors to allow them to match the main map.
  • elevator_arrival_logic.vmf
  • elevator_departure_logic.vmf
Logic used in the singleplayer elevators.
  • elevator_entrance.vmf
Singleplayer mode entry elevator. It contains the global_ents and global_pti_ents instances, and uses worldportals to connect to the main map. If $no_player_start is set to 0, the player will be teleported to just behind the entry door.
  • elevator_exit.vmf
Singleplayer mode exit elevator. It contains the arrival_departure instances, and triggers the Workshop vote page when the player enters the elevator. It also uses worldportals to connect to the main map.
  • faith_plate_floor.vmf
Aerial Faith Plate instance. Trigger inputs to cause it to fire angled or straight up.
  • faith_plate_target.vmf
Instance containing the bullseye decal used at the end of catapult trajectories.
  • floor_ball_button_black.vmf and floor_ball_button_white.vmf
  • floor_button_black_intact.vmf and floor_button_white_intact.vmf
  • floor_cube_button_white.vmf and floor_cube_button_black.vmf
The various weighted buttons placed on white/black raised sections.
  • glass_128x128.vmf
Dispite the name, used for both glass and gratings. Contains player and physics clips for use with gratings.
  • glass_frame_left_convex_corner.vmf
  • glass_frame_left_corner.vmf
  • glass_frame_left_short.vmf
  • glass_frame_left_straight.vmf
  • glass_frame_right_convex_corner.vmf
  • glass_frame_right_corner.vmf
  • glass_frame_right_short.vmf
  • glass_frame_right_straight.vmf
Frame instances used to create the borders. These use the 'props_ingame/window_frame_system*' models. Two instances are used per edge.
  • global_ents.vmf
Modified version of the normal global_ents instance, containing various global entities like fog and lighting controllers. The music ambient_generic is located here.
  • global_pti_ents.vmf
Instance used to control Workshop support. Required for all uploaded maps. It plays the random Cave quote at map spawn, and is used to trigger the vote screen at the end of levels. Set $disable_pti_audio to 1 to prevent the Cave line from playing, and trigger the @relay_pti_level_end to display the vote screen. The @relay_play_pti_audio relay can be enabled and triggered to play the audio at a later time if needed.
  • goo_top.vmf
Unused instance containing triggers to hurt players and destroy physics objects.
  • indicator_panel.vmf
Instance version of prop_indicator_panels. The entity is placed to appear 0.1 units above the mounted surface.
  • indicator_toggle.vmf
Instance version of env_texturetoggles. The $indicator_name variable must use a @targetname to work correctly.
  • info_sign_sp_clean.vmf
Duplicate of signs/info_sign_sp_clean
  • item_dropper_monster.vmf
Unused cubedropper instance that spawns Frankenturrets.
  • item_dropper.vmf
Cubedropper instance customised for PeTI. If $disable_autodrop is set to 0, it will dispense a cube when the @relay_spawn_on_entrance relay is triggered. The $indicator_lights variable is unused by the PeTI, but will function if given an @targetname value. $Cube_type values:
    • 0: Standard
    • 1: Companion
    • 2: Reflection
    • 3: Sphere
    • 4: Antique (Not recommended)
    • 6: FrankenTurret
  • laser_catcher_center.vmf and laser_catcher_offset.vmf
  • laser_emitter_center.vmf and laser_emitter_offset.vmf
  • laser_relay_center.vmf and laser_relay_offset.vmf
Versions of the Thermal Discouragement Beam devices. The offset versions are positioned inside the instance to appear on the side of the 128x128 block.
  • lift_platform.vmf and lift_platform_oscillate.vmf
Track platform instances. Set $travel_direction and $travel_speed to define the distance moved.
  • lift_standalone.vmf
Instance used for piston platforms. Very complex. Set $top_level and $bottom_level to between 0-5 to define the distance it moves in increments of 128 units.
  • lift_track_bottom.vmf
  • lift_track_bottom_grate.vmf
  • lift_track_middle.vmf
  • lift_track_top.vmf
  • lift_track_single.vmf
Instances used to create the track platform track. The grate instance is used when the platform has the bottom section fully enclosed.
  • light_strip.vmf
Version of the light strips for PeTI maps. The model is positioned to appear 0.1 units above the surface, allowing it to be placed without wall cutouts.
  • observation_room_128x128_1.vmf
  • observation_room_256x128_1.vmf
The small and large observation rooms. When the @relay_lights_on relay is triggered these will light up. The large room contains an env_projectedtexture.
  • paint_dropper_bomb.vmf
  • paint_dropper.vmf
Gel Dispensers. The PeTI creates a trigger_catapult in front of the paint bomb variant to target it onto the endpoint.
  • paint_splat.vmf
Instance for pre-placed gel. The info_paint_sprayer is named @pre_paint_sprayer, and is activated for 1 second during map start. In coop, this is activated by a trigger hidden inside ATLAS's player spawner.
  • panel_black*.vmf and panel_white*.vmf
Unused angled panel instances, likely originating before the angled surface was implemented as a PeTI-generated brush.
  • panel_clear.vmf
  • panel_nobrush.vmf
Instances for regular and glass-covered angled panels. The $animation variable should be set to one of the 'ramp_##_deg_open' animations, where ## = 30,45,60 or 90 degrees. The regular panel's brush is generated by the PeTI in addition to a logic_auto to set the parent attachment.
  • panel_flip.vmf
Logic to control flip panels. The func_door_rotating is generated by the PeTI.
  • panel_piston.vmf
Unused instance, appearing as a panel extended outward on a piston.
  • pedestal_button.vmf
Instanced version of prop_buttons. The small platform the button is placed on is generated by the PeTI. If set to infinite time the $timer_delay variable will be set to '99999999999'.
  • placement_helper.vmf
An info_placement_helper, which is used for Gel Droppers. This is not connected propertly to the dropper inputs, so much of the logic is unnecessary.
  • point_light.vmf
Ambient lighting instance placed randomly throughout the map.
  • stairs.vmf
The instance used for stair panels.
  • tbeam_frame_black.vmf and tbeam_frame_white.vmf
Used to allow the Excursion funnel to match the wall surface.
  • tbeam.vmf
The instance for Excursion Funnels.
  • transition_entry.vmf
  • transition_exit.vmf
Instances used for the arrival/departure transition instance.
  • turret.vmf
Instance for Turrets. Similar to cubes, Point_templates are used to allow the turret to spawn in late, when the @relay_spawn_3 relay is triggered. This allows angled panels and light bridges to initialise without knocking the turret over.