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Warning.png Warning: Article contains a thumbnail of maps from Portal 2, to help map makers find maps.

There are useful examples and resources that can be looked at within the official Portal 2 maps. Portal 2 Authoring Tools comes with a sdk_content folder, that shows source map files of a very few maps for Singleplayer and Coop.

Below is a list of official maps and its special resources. This list is there to help find more examples and instances.

List of Maps and Resources

The list lists up unique appearances of noteable resources and special instances used, in order to not overfill the list.


Maps are in the order of the update/scripts/vscripts/transitions/sp_transition_list.nut file.

Thumbnail Map Name Noteable Resources Noteable instances used Other notes
Act 1
Portal2map sp a1 intro1.jpg sp_a1_intro1
Portal2map sp a1 intro2.jpg sp_a1_intro2
  • Toggleable Portal Emitters
  • Portal2map sp a1 intro3.jpg sp_a1_intro3
  • Departure Elevator Cleaning
  • Portal2map sp a1 intro4.jpg sp_a1_intro4
  • Glass break on stand
  • Portal2map sp a1 intro5.jpg sp_a1_intro5
    Portal2map sp a1 intro6.jpg sp_a1_intro6
    Portal2map sp a1 intro7.jpg sp_a1_intro7
  • Core Panel
  • Portal2map sp a1 wakeup.jpg sp_a1_wakeup
    Act 2
    Portal2map sp a2 intro.jpg sp_a2_intro
  • Camera Transition Spawn
  • Transition teleportation point is set to @incinerator
    Portal2map sp a2 laser intro.jpg sp_a2_laser_intro
  • Usage of Lasers
  • Portal2map sp a2 laser stairs.jpg sp_a2_laser_stairs
  • Stair panels and other panels
  • Elevator turret boxes
  • Portal2map sp a2 dual lasers.jpg sp_a2_dual_lasers
    Portal2map sp a2 laser over goo.jpg sp_a2_laser_over_goo
  • Horizontal moving panel
  • Portal2map sp a2 catapult intro.jpg sp_a2_catapult_intro
  • Faith Plate
  • Falling Panels
  • Portal2map sp a2 trust fling.jpg sp_a2_trust_fling
  • chamber_hallways/entry_hallway_tall_dirty_nocaps_bustfloor.vmf
  • Map available in sdk_content folder.
    Portal2map sp a2 pit flings.jpg sp_a2_pit_flings
  • Broken fizzler
  • Portal2map sp a2 fizzler intro.jpg sp_a2_fizzler_intro
  • Props exit elevator
  • Portal2map sp a2 sphere peek.jpg sp_a2_sphere_peek
  • Ghost panel
  • chamber_hallways/entry_hallway_tall_dirty_nocaps_errorarm.vmf (Unpublished)
  • Portal2map sp a2 ricochet.jpg sp_a2_ricochet
  • Panels
  • Portal2map sp a2 bridge intro.jpg sp_a2_bridge_intro
  • Lightbridge
  • A type of Entry Hallway Tall
  • Portal2map sp a2 bridge the gap.jpg sp_a2_bridge_the_gap
    Portal2map sp a2 turret intro.jpg sp_a2_turret_intro
  • No departure elevator
  • Vertical Door
  • Portal2map sp a2 laser relays.jpg sp_a2_laser_relays
  • No arrival elevator
  • Map shows panel design
  • Laser Relays
  • Departure Filled turret elevator
  • Portal2map sp a2 turret blocker.jpg sp_a2_turret_blocker
  • Moving glass panel
  • Falling turret departure elevator
  • Portal2map sp a2 laser vs turret.jpg sp_a2_laser_vs_turret
  • Breaking vent
  • Portal2map sp a2 pull the rug.jpg sp_a2_pull_the_rug
  • Vertical moving panel
  • Portal2map sp a2 column blocker.jpg sp_a2_column_blocker
  • Departure elevator speed change
  • test_chambers/bday_antechamber.vmf
  • Map available in sdk_content folder.
    Portal2map sp a2 laser chaining.jpg sp_a2_laser_chaining
    Portal2map sp a2 triple laser.jpg sp_a2_triple_laser
  • Short chamber hallway
  • Clean chamber
  • Laser with sound
  • Portal2map sp a2 bts1.jpg sp_a2_bts1
  • Seamingless teleportation
  • BTS door panels
  • Panel relays
  • Neurotoxin
  • Portal2map sp a2 bts2.jpg sp_a2_bts2
  • Turrets from tubes
  • Yellow elevator
  • Seal In VScript
  • sabotage/seal_in_arms.vmf (Unpublished)
  • sabotage/seal_in_panels.vmf (Unpublished)
  • Level starts without elevator and no transition teleportation.
    Portal2map sp a2 bts3.jpg sp_a2_bts3
  • Vertical Door
  • Core Flashlight
  • Lasering panels
  • Tubes
  • Portal2map sp a2 bts4.jpg sp_a2_bts4
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Special Turret
  • Turret custom target
  • Template Scanner
  • Defective Turrets
  • Portal2map sp a2 bts5.jpg sp_a2_bts5
  • Moving Portals
  • Special transition
  • sabotage/portal_panel_1.vmf (Unpublished)
  • sabotage/portal_panel_2.vmf (Unpublished)
  • Portal2map sp a2 bts6.jpg sp_a2_bts6
  • Camera Scene
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • tube_ride_viewproxy
    Portal2map sp a2 core.jpg sp_a2_core
  • Choreo
  • Act 3
    Portal2map sp a3 00.jpg sp_a3_00 Transition teleportation point is set to @bottomless_pit
    Portal2map sp a3 01.jpg sp_a3_01
  • Camera start
  • Vault
  • Timing button
  • Portal2map sp a3 03.jpg sp_a3_03
  • Doors
  • Portal2map sp a3 jump intro.jpg sp_a3_jump_intro Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 bomb flings.jpg sp_a3_bomb_flings Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 crazy box.jpg sp_a3_crazy_box Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 transition01.jpg sp_a3_transition01 Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 speed ramp.jpg sp_a3_speed_ramp
  • Ramps
  • Map available in sdk_content folder.
    Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 speed flings.jpg sp_a3_speed_flings
  • Rotating Panel
  • Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 portal intro.jpg sp_a3_portal_intro Transition teleportation point: @test_dome_lift
    Portal2map sp a3 end.jpg sp_a3_end
  • Custom elevator
  • Transition teleportation point: @hallway
    Act 4
    Portal2map sp a4 intro.jpg sp_a4_intro
  • Monitors
  • Portal2map sp a4 tb intro.jpg sp_a4_tb_intro
  • Monitors
  • Relaying Panels
  • Portal2map sp a4 tb trust drop.jpg sp_a4_tb_trust_drop
  • Panels
  • Portal2map sp a4 tb wall button.jpg sp_a4_tb_wall_button
  • Moving chamber
  • Portal2map sp a4 tb polarity.jpg sp_a4_tb_polarity
    Portal2map sp a4 tb catch.jpg sp_a4_tb_catch
    Portal2map sp a4 stop the box.jpg sp_a4_stop_the_box
  • Chamber moves
  • Portal2map sp a4 laser catapult.jpg sp_a4_laser_catapult Map available in sdk_content folder.
    Portal2map sp a4 laser platform.jpg sp_a4_laser_platform
  • Laser Wall
  • Portal2map sp a4 speed tb catch.jpg sp_a4_speed_tb_catch
  • Ramp
  • Portal2map sp a4 jump polarity.jpg sp_a4_jump_polarity
  • Breaking Chamber Hallway
  • Portal2map sp a4 finale1.jpg sp_a4_finale1
  • Crushers
  • Portal2map sp a4 finale2.jpg sp_a4_finale2
  • Moving Chamber
  • Linked teleportation
  • Shredder
  • Transition teleportation point: @hallway
    Portal2map sp a4 finale3.jpg sp_a4_finale3
  • Explosives
  • Special Tube
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Transition teleportation point: @hallway
    Portal2map sp a4 finale4.jpg sp_a4_finale4
  • Cores
  • Transition where position is maintained from previous level
  • Core Panel
  • Transition teleportation point: @hallway
    Act 5
    - sp_a5_credits


    Maps are in the order of the update/scripts/vscripts/debug_scripts/mp_coop_transition_list.nut file.

    Thumbnail Map Name Noteable Resources Noteable instances used Other notes
    164px mp_coop_start
  • Ping Tool triggers
  • Portalgun Podest
  • - mp_coop_lobby_2 - - Old Hub without the DLC room.
    Gets used as Commentary Map
    - mp_coop_lobby_3
  • Selectable Tracks
  • DLC1 Camera Vacuum Tube Transition
    Portal2map mp coop doors.jpg mp_coop_doors
  • Camera Coop Exit Door
  • Animated Panels
  • coop/coop_spawn_room.vmf
  • coop/coop_team_double_exit_door.vmf
  • coop/coop_endlevel_room.vmf
  • Map available in sdk_content folder.
    164px mp_coop_race_2
  • Coop Checkpoint spawn
  • Sphere Button
  • Timed buttons
  • Portal2map mp coop laser 2.jpg mp_coop_laser_2
  • Toggleable Panels
  • Coop Checkpoint spawn
  • Lasers
  • Laser Relays
  • Portal2map mp coop rat maze.jpg mp_coop_rat_maze
  • Moveable Block Panels
  • Map start triggers "Rock Paper Scissors" taunt
    Portal2map mp coop laser crusher.jpg mp_coop_laser_crusher
  • Slow Moving Toggleable Crushers
  • Vertical Platforms
  • Portal2map mp coop teambts.jpg mp_coop_teambts
  • CD
  • Timed Levers
  • "laugh" taunt
    DAY 2 - FLINGING "Mass and Velocity"
    Portal2map mp coop fling 3.jpg mp_coop_fling_3
  • Vertical Moving Platform
  • Portal2map mp coop infinifling train.jpg mp_coop_infinifling_train
  • Arm placing button
  • Portal2map mp coop come along.jpg mp_coop_come_along
  • Platform panels
  • Portal2map mp coop fling 1.jpg mp_coop_fling_1
    Portal2map mp coop catapult 1.jpg mp_coop_catapult_1
  • Special wall
  • robot dance
    Portal2map mp coop multifling 1.jpg mp_coop_multifling_1
  • Cube Button
  • Portal2map mp coop fling crushers.jpg mp_coop_fling_crushers
  • Double timed Floor Buttons
  • Timed Relaying Crushers
  • Vertical Platform
  • Portal2map mp coop fan.jpg mp_coop_fan
  • Ventilator Fan
  • Switchable Vacuum Cube Dispenser System
  • Fling Adjustment on portalshootable wall
  • DAY 3 - LIGHTBRIDGES "Hard-Light Surfaces"
    Portal2map mp coop wall intro.jpg mp_coop_wall_intro
  • Lightbridge
  • 164px mp_coop_wall_2
    Portal2map mp coop catapult wall intro.jpg mp_coop_catapult_wall_intro
    164px mp_coop_wall_block
  • Automatic Platform Panel
  • Portal2map mp coop catapult 2.jpg mp_coop_catapult_2
    164px mp_coop_turret_walls
  • Automatic Platform Bridge Panel
  • Portal2map mp coop turret ball.jpg mp_coop_turret_ball
    Portal2map mp coop wall 5.jpg mp_coop_wall_5
  • Laser object placer
  • Lightbridges
  • Object from Vacuum Tube
  • teamhug
    DAY 4 - TBEAM "Excursion Funnels"
    Portal2map mp coop tbeam redirect.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_redirect
  • Reversable Tractor Beam
  • Shredders
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam drill.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_drill
  • Toggleable Panels
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam catch grind 1.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_catch_grind_1
  • Shredders
  • Shredder Wall Movement
  • Toggleable Panel
  • trickfire
    164px mp_coop_tbeam_laser_1
  • Toggleable Stair Panels
  • 164px mp_coop_tbeam_polarity
  • Wall Cube Button
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam polarity2.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_polarity2
  • Automatic Crusher
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam polarity3.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_polarity3
  • Automatic platform panel
  • Toggleable wall
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam maze.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_maze
  • Various of different Crushers
  • Kill trigger for two players entering maze
  • Portal2map mp coop tbeam end.jpg mp_coop_tbeam_end
  • Non-active turret templates on platforms
  • Turret self-closing window
  • Self enabling turret gun out state
  • DAY 5 - PAINT "Mobility Gels"
    Portal2map mp coop paint come along.jpg mp_coop_paint_come_along
  • Underground Coop Spawn
  • Underground Coop Exit
  • Gel
  • Vertical moving platform
  • Portal2map mp coop paint redirect.jpg mp_coop_paint_redirect
  • Underground Fizzlers
  • Underground Panels
  • Portal2map mp coop paint bridge.jpg mp_coop_paint_bridge
  • Lightbridge with arm panel to underground
  • Underground Coop Checkpoint
  • multiplayer/two_player_airlock_underground.vmf
  • 164px mp_coop_paint_walljumps
  • Lightbridge with arm panel to underground
  • Underground Coop Checkpoint
  • Portal2map mp coop paint speed fling.jpg mp_coop_paint_speed_fling
  • Ramp
  • Crushers
  • Bipart Blast Door
  • underground/security_door_01_areaportalled.vmf (Unpublished)
  • Portal2map mp coop paint red racer.jpg mp_coop_paint_red_racer
  • Ramp
  • Defective Turrets
  • Map available in sdk_content folder.
    Portal2map mp coop paint speed catch.jpg mp_coop_paint_speed_catch
  • Timed panels
  • 164px mp_coop_paint_longjump_intro
  • Vault
  • Lasers
  • Taunt Trigger
  • Cube Ramp
  • Toggleable Panels
  • Timed Levers
  • DAY DLC1
    164px mp_coop_separation_1
  • Door Panels
  • 164px mp_coop_tripleaxis
  • Vertical Moving Platform
  • 164px mp_coop_catapult_catch
  • Fling Adjuster Trigger
  • Toggleable Wall Ramp
  • Portal2map mp coop 2paints 1bridge.jpg mp_coop_2paints_1bridge
  • Visible Disassembly Coop Exit
  • 164px mp_coop_paint_conversion
  • Special spawn and checkpoint
  • Timed Levers
  • 164px mp_coop_bridge_catch
  • Platform Wall Parts decoration
  • 164px mp_coop_laser_tbeam
  • Vertical Moving Platforms
  • Portal2map mp coop paint rat maze.jpg mp_coop_paint_rat_maze
  • Moveable Block Panels
  • Portal2map mp coop paint crazy box.jpg mp_coop_paint_crazy_box
  • Glass Box
  • Door Gate
  • Night vision
  • Credits
    - mp_coop_credits Credits for after DAY 5.

    By default available .VMF files

    These can be found in the sdk_content folder, available when installing Portal 2 Authoring Tools, along with instances.

    • sp_a2_column_blocker
    • sp_a2_trust_fling
    • sp_a3_speed_ramp
    • sp_a4_laser_catapult

    • mp_coop_doors
    • mp_coop_paint_red_racer

    • zoo_mechanics
    Various of different resources.

    Other maps

    • mp_coop_community_hub
    This map can be run with the map command, because it is named "mp_coop_community_hub" for some reason.


    Transition Teleportation Point

    This article Elevator_(Portal_2) explains how to create elevators by using instances. The problem is, those instances were specifically created for the singeplayer mode, if you want to customize something specific such as whetever to spawn with or without a Portalgun, you would have to customize the instance or the VScript. If you're creating a workshop map, it's better to create a instance or a customized VScript, packed within the BSP.

    Most of those transitions use update/scripts/vscripts/transitions/sp_transition_list.nut as a VScript file and call the function OnPostTransition() within it. This will loop through the table scanning for the current map. When the map was found and there's no entry in the table before the map, starting with the character @, then by default it will try to teleport to @elevator_entry_teleport and @arrival_teleport.

    Note.png Note: Note that some files override eachother, example "portal2", "portal2_dlc1", etc.

    See also