3x3 Sliding Puzzle

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This prefab really shows the capabilities of mapping on the Source engine. The puzzle randomly shuffles itself 50 steps (without bouncing the same piece) on map spawn. Once the puzzle is completed, the missing piece is shown.

  1 func_illusionary
  1 info_player_start
  1 light_environment
  1 logic_auto
  1 logic_timer
  5 logic_relay
  8 point_teleport
  9 filter_activator_name
 10 env_texturetoggle
 10 func_button
 11 logic_case
 19 func_brush
 24 func_train
 24 logic_branch
 25 logic_compare
 25 math_counter
 32 trigger_multiple
 48 path_corner
255 entities

After editing the puzzle in large scale, it was made into a prefab and created in the desired location using the Block Tool in bounds of 11x32x32 with Texture Scale Lock enabled. The reset relay was then hooked up to a button. The puzzle was also hooked up to a timer and a move counter. The custom materials used are bspzipped into the map.

Note.png Note: Compiling the shrunken puzzle will give you microbrush warnings. These are only warnings and do not have any effects on the compilation of the map.