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This template uses a strings subpage
Additional translations come from the following string template(s): {{Seriesbox strings/strings}}
Please follow the format on this subpage(s) to add translations.
Note.pngNote:This template is used to list all games in the Half-Life Half-Life franchise at the bottom of relevant game pages.
Mods and fangames taking place in the Half-Life franchise are also listed if they are notable enough (generally only remakes/remasters and similar, due to prevalence).
Icon-Important.pngImportant:This template does not include games in the Portal franchise, but does include links to the series page; although Portal takes place in the same universe as Half-Life, it is separate franchise, so Template:Portal games should be used instead.
Note.pngNote:When using this template, make sure this template is placed on a new line after the {{MultiPage}} template, and not the language subpage itself, that way it will appear in the main page in any languages whether they have it added on language subpage or not. Don't put it on the same line as {{MultiPage}}, as that can result in title being aligned to the left.


Put {{Half-life games}} on the page.

See below for parameters.


Parameter Description Value
{{{hide3rdparty}}} Hide third-party games if set to true, yes or 1.
| hide3rdparty = true
{{{hidecancelled}}} Hide cancelled games if set to true, yes or 1.
| hidecancelled = true
{{{nocat}}} Prevent the page from being added to Category:Half-Life series
| nocat = true


Default appearance:

Third-party games hidden:

Cancelled games hidden:

Both third-party & cancelled games hidden :