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This entity is not in the Counter-Strike: SourceDay of Defeat: SourceTeam Fortress 2Left 4 DeadCounter-Strike: Global Offensive FGD by default .
See below for instructions on making it available.
class hierarchy
CStripWeapons defined in player.cpp
Player weaponstrip.png

player_weaponstrip is a point entity available in all Source Source games.

This entity strips the player of their weapons and/or suit.

Icon-Bug.pngBug:In Portal and Portal 2, the player's weapon will lower and become non-functional, but will not actually disappear.:
PlacementTip.pngWorkaround: Fire a DisableDraw input to the viewmodel entity with a slight delay after triggering the weaponstrip. (This does not prevent later picked up weapons from appearing.)
Icon-Bug.pngBug:If player changes the map after their weapons are stripped, the viewmodel of the last held weapon will appear but will be non-functional. This is fixed by picking up a new weapon.
Note.pngNote:In multiplayer, only the !activator is targeted. This means the input needs to be fired as a result of a player interaction, such as touching a trigger or pressing a button. In games with VScript, EntFireByHandle() can instead be used to fire the input with a specific player as the activator.


Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.


Strip player's weapons
Strip player's weapons and suit
StripActiveWeapon  (only in Left 4 Dead 2)
Removes the active weapon.
StripWeaponByClassname  (only in Left 4 Dead 2)
Removes a weapon by classname, eg 'weapon_gascan'

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