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Take that, Vault Boy!

You have successfully completed the mod wizard! The folder you chose to install to now has several sub-folders beneath it:

For your uncompiled maps (VMF files)
For your uncompiled textures (Probably TGA files)
For your uncompiled models (SMD and QC files)
All of the SDK's C++ source code. (The project files inside are configured specifically for the game you selected in the mod wizard, however.)

Additionally, a folder with your mod's name has been created under <Steam>\steamapps\sourcemods\. This is where files compiled from the folders above need to go, and what you will eventually release.

(Ignore the .bat files, they are broken, unless you know what you are doing to fix them.)

What now?

A barnacle, from Half-Life 2.

There are many areas in modding. For a complete overview, visit the main SDK Docs page. Here are some highlights for beginners:

General advice
From Valve
From other modders
Choosing a compiler
My First Mod (if you chose the Half-Life 2 SP or MP source code)
Your First Entity
Setting up source control
Your First Map
Hammer documentation
Modeling & Animation
XSI Mod Tool
Exporting a model
Model Creation Overview
Art & Sound
Material Creation
Choreography creation

Getting help

Help is available from:

Good luck!