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Level Transitions

Left 4 Dead series info_changelevel is a brush entity available in the Left 4 Dead series.

It is the entity that marks a level change. It safely changes the level in Left 4 Dead series, and defines the end-of-level safe room. It is unusual as it is a brush entity, where info_* entities are typically point entities. Place an info_landmark in both maps that marks the same location in each map. In Hammer, info_changelevel will be listed in entity class selection menu when tied to a brush as an entity.

Note.png Note: trigger_changelevel is automatically converted to info_changelevel
Tip.png Tip: To fire events in the next level, use the OnChangeLevel output to turn on an env_global in the current level. Create a logic_auto entity in the next level that checks for the state set by the env_global.
To control which entities go through the level transition, create one or more trigger_transition entities and give them the same name as the landmark. Any entities within the trigger_transition(s) will go to the next map.


Name (targetname) <targetname>
Name of this landmark.
New Map Name (map) <string>
The filename of the next map (without ".bsp").
Landmark Name (landmark) <targetname>
Changes of positions will take place on transition relative to this landmark.


  •  [2] : Disable Touch
  •  [4] : To Previous Chapter


Fired when the level changes.

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