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VVIS is the command-line tool that takes a compiled BSP map and embeds visibility data into it. VVIS tests which visleaves can see each other, and which cannot. See Visibility optimization for a more detailed explanation.

VVIS will:


vvis [options...] <bsp file>

For example:

"%sourcesdk%\bin\orangebox\bin\vvis" -tmpout sdk_trainstation_01

This will generate and embed a visibility chart, writing portal data out to .\tmp\sdk_trainstation_01.prt.


Use these in combination with expert compile mode or a batch file:


Only do a quick first pass. Does not actually test visibility.
-radius_override <int>
Force a maximum vis radius, in units, regardless of whether an env_fog_controller specifies one.
Don't sort (an optimization) portals.
Read portals from \tmp\<mapname>.
Write portals to \tmp\<mapname>.


Run as an idle-priority process.
Control the number of threads used. Defaults to the # of processors (times 2 for Hypertreading/SMT CPU's) on your machine.
Turn on verbose output
Don't bring up graphical UI on vproject errors.
Use VMPI to distribute computations.
-mpi_pw <string>
Use a password to choose a specific set of VMPI workers.
-vproject <string>
-game <string>
Override the VPROJECT environment variable.

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