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About the ToDo note

If we were to make a disambiguation page, should we make one giant page on which all entities across all games should be listed?


 This page contains various entities of same or similar names as well as pages about a similar topic on different aspects of content creation, which could be confused with each other.
 <entities and pages listed in alpha-numerical order...>
 Weapon_molotov <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>
 Weapon_molotov-l4d <Left 4 Dead><Left 4 Dead 2>
 Weapon_pistol <Half-Life 2>
 Weapon_pistol-csgo <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive>
 Weapon_pistol-l4d <Left 4 Dead>
 Weapon_pistol-l4d2 <Left 4 Dead 2>

Of course the entity pages would need their own page name that isn't the entity name itself, as seen by the -csgo, -l4d and -l4d2 suffixes in the proposed page names.
But the visible names would be changed to the actual entity name using [[Weapon_molotov-l4d|Weapon_molotov]].
This could make searches a bit harder, unless every page contains some kind of disambiguation template, linking them to the main page to find all other entities of the same name.

We currently have [[Category:Disambiguation]] which is not very satisfactory to me. we also have {{Disambig}} which looks like this:

which implies that we have several disambiguation pages, which i feel like is only adding more pages which just link a few other pages. Any other ideas or suggestions?
--MrFunreal (talk) 07:37, 24 March 2021 (PDT)

For suggestions I can think of 2:
  1. Instead of keeping the original entity page, we turn it into a "disambiguation" page that links to all the other actual entites. Example, turning the weapon_pistol page into a disambiguation itself.
  2. For the actual entities, the suffix would be / instead of -, since I'm pretty sure / is a special character for subpages (seen in subpages for articles like L4D2_EMS and Team_Fortress_2_Level_Creation). So this means the actual entities's pages would look like this: [[weapon_pistol/csgo]].
With the suggestions, I think we get these benefits (and would make the approach more viable):
  • Special subpage character (/) would always automatically show a link to go back to the "nain page", though mainly I think it'd also make searching for the pages easy. I could be wrong at the latter, but I always felt like the / character modifies the search bar behaviour in some way.
    • Also, a guess that could be wrong, but I feel that doing [[weapon_molotov/L4D]] can be a good choice? Like, maybe [[weapon_molotov/L4D|weapon_molotov]] wouldn't be considered as necessary as imagined?
  • Remove the need for an extra disambiguation template, and instead just a notifier template (like the Confusion notice template) that gives the message "Oh, this entity is in other games too!" would do the job just fine enough
What do you think? Do you feel they really solve the problems you're thinking of?
--Orin (talk) 09:23, 24 March 2021 (PDT)

The Weapon_molotov/L4D page idea sounds better than my idea. I suppose we can do a test with an entity that would really need it. The l4d2 weapon_molotov entity for example is not in the FGD and has therefore no known I/O. Only it's _spawn does. So a l4d2 molotov page would only contain a few sentences and be of not much use.
--MrFunreal (talk) 11:25, 24 March 2021 (PDT)
  1. There's at least a few other pages out there like this.
  2. I don't believe there are any entities where splitting pages by game would be useful. For weapon_pistol and weapon_molotov both, the differences between the pages will be very trivial.
  3. I think a discussion about this should go somewhere less obscure, but I don't know where. Loudslappingsounds (talk) 12:39, 24 March 2021 (PDT)

I posted it in this discussion because of the ToDo. But you have a point.
--MrFunreal (talk) 12:46, 24 March 2021 (PDT)
Hmm, alright I guess its either putting them identical entities on the same page, or its doing nothing else. Also, yeah you're right this page here is obscure to discuss this at, but I don't see any better alternative to this anyways. Seemingly we already can come to a conclusion, so whatever.
--Orin (talk) 02:46, 25 March 2021 (PDT)