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Someone with big thoughts but very slow progress from being forced to do anything solo.

The list of things to do never really empty up totally, does it

Source games I own a copy

From highest to lowest is how often I modded these games, and what have I touched about for them

  • <Left 4 Dead 2> Left 4 Dead 2 - <Squirrel Language> VScripts, entity technicalities, Sourcemod, Talker script syntax research. Most info is interchangeable with <Left 4 Dead>.
  • <Left 4 Dead> Left 4 Dead - Weapon Scripts, Sourcemod. Most info is interchangeable with <Left 4 Dead 2>.
  • <Team Fortress 2> Team Fortress 2 - MvM technicalities, MvM popfiles
  • <Half-Life> No More Room In Hell - Entity skimming