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Escape The Depths Escape The Depths is a Black Mesa Black Mesa modification that tells the story of a scientist trapped in the collapsed parts of Black Mesa. There are no aliens, just you, and the military. This time, the resonance cascade was prevented due to the military discovering what "they were doing" beforehand. You start in a parking area that has been demolished by Abrams tanks and airstrikes. You have been forced to take shelter there, due to the aerial bombardment and attempt to gain access to the top administration/check-in areas to rescue colleagues, and try to escape from Black Mesa and from the HECU.



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The story takes place 1 day before the planned test that would cause the resonance cascade. Fortunately for Earth, the HECU figured out what the scientists were doing in Black Mesa before they could perform the test, and were quickly dispatched to "contain" the experiments.


These maps feature some areas from Black Mesa, including the large parking area/main parking, check-in offices, and outside areas.

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