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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Console)

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Cover of CS:GO for the Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade).

Like Portal 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released on Xbox 360 Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 on the same day as PC version on Steam.

The Xbox 360 version was initially available for purchase with at least 1,200 Microsoft Points. As Microsoft Points has been discontinued, the game has been sold for $14.99 USD prior to being delisted. The PS3 version was also sold for the same price ($14.99 USD) as the Xbox 360.

Between March - June 2023, prior to the release of Counter-Strike 2 (which completely replaced the PC version of CS:GO on Sep 27, 2023) the Xbox 360 version of the game became no longer available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace (possibly because of the Xbox Live Marketplace will stop offering new purchases for the Xbox 360 on July 29, 2024), through the trial (demo) version is currently remains available to download, for free. Existing customers who previously have purchased the game can still play the game. Furthermore, the game can still be purchased at retail.

The game can be run on Xbox One hardware via official emulation.

Key Differences

  • The console version requires you to buy the game (for $14.99 on Xbox 360), as opposed to the PC version since 2018, which has been Free to Play with the optional ($14.99) Prime Status Upgrade that cannot be refunded.
    Later in 2023, the Xbox 360 version of CS:GO was discontinued quietly on Xbox Live Marketplace, likely due to the Marketplace was planned to be closed in July 2024 or for other reasons and the PC version of CS:GO has been discontinued in favor of Counter-Strike 2, but the latter can still be obtained by selecting the "csgo_legacy" beta build, while both console version still remain available for purchase at retail, with existing customers can still play the game.
  • Render resolution up to 1280x720 and 30 FPS locked framerate.
    • Confirm:Is this running at 30FPS as well like Portal 2?
  • Xbox 360 Xbox Live compatibility
    • Server on the Xbox 360 version remains active as of 2023, while the PC servers (Matchmaking only) has been shut down.
  • PlayStation 3 version has Steam integration, support Keyboard & Mouse and PlayStation Move controller, Like Portal 2, the PS3 online service ended in late 2010s.
    • Confirm:Is the PS3 service closed down in same year (2016) like Portal 2?
  • The game has received minimal updates, currently runs on older version of CS:GO engine branch CS:GO engine branch, and remains a snapshot of the game around 2013
    (prior to Arms Deal update for the PC version).