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<Counter-Strike: Condition Zero> As a series of stand-alone, single-player missions that clone and stress the ideas of Counter-Strike, Condition Zero Deleted Scenes assigns players to over one dozen standoffs around the globe. Features exclusive items and weapons. This mod is the introduction to many ideas that are found in Source, such as func_brush and using models for many details.


Condition Zero was orignally released with 19 missions. However, the Steam version shipped with only 12 of the 19 original missions. The extra missions were added in updates.

  • Counter Terrorist Training
  • Alamo
  • Building Recon
  • Downed Pilot
  • DrugLab
  • Fastline
  • Hankagai
  • Rise Hard
  • Lost Cause
  • Miami Heat
  • Motorcade Assault
  • Pipe Dream
  • Recoil
  • Run!
  • Sandstorm
  • Secret War
  • Thin Ice
  • Truth in Chaos
  • Turn of the Crank

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