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Original and High-Definition models

<Half-Life> <Half-Life:Opposing Force> <Half-Life: Blue Shift> monster_barney is a point entity available in Half-Life, and its expansions Half-Life: Opposing Force and Half-Life: Blue Shift.

Entity description

The Black Mesa Security personnel. This entity's design was later used for Barney Calhoun in Half-Life 2, but is otherwise unrelated to him. Security Guards are friendly Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that will assist the player by following them around and fending off enemies using a pistol with unlimited ammo. They wear a protective vest allowing them to take a reasonable amount of damage. Like the monster_human_grunt's mask, their helmet is completely bullet proof to low caliber rounds. Only two friendly NPCs can follow the player at one time, the player can bring along two security guards, two scientists, or one of each. If the player already have two allies and tries to recruit another one, the new NPC will join the player's squad and another will leave.

Key Values

Note.png Note: Some keyvalues, flags, inputs, or outputs might not affect an NPC, based on the functionality and coding of the NPC.


Use Sentence <string>
The name of a sentence that plays when the player brings the NPC into their group. Example: "All right let's go, I didn't wanna die alone anyway."
Un-Use Sentence <string>
The name of a sentence that plays when the player removes the NPC from their group. Example: "All right, I'll stay right here."


TriggerTarget <string>
Name of entity to target when the trigger conditions are met.
Trigger Condition <choices>
Condition to use for TriggerTarget
  • 0 : "No Trigger"
  • 1 : "See Player, Mad at Player"
  • 2 : "Take Damage"
  • 3 : "50% Health Remaining"
  • 4 : "Death"
  • 7 : "Hear World"
  • 8 : "Hear Player"
  • 9 : "Hear Combat"
  • 10: "See Player Unconditional"
  • 11: "See Player, Not In Combat"


Target <target_destination>
The targetname of the first path_corner in a path this monster will move to when spawned.


Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.

Render FX Choices:

Render FX <choices>
Render FX mode to use, for special effects.
  • 0: "Normal"
  • 1: "Slow Pulse"
  • 2: "Fast Pulse"
  • 3: "Slow Wide Pulse"
  • 4: "Fast Wide Pulse"
  • 9: "Slow Strobe"
  • 10: "Fast Strobe"
  • 11: "Faster Strobe"
  • 12: "Slow Flicker"
  • 13: "Fast Flicker"
  • 5: "Slow Fade Away"
  • 6: "Fast Fade Away"
  • 7: "Slow Become Solid"
  • 8: "Fast Become Solid"
  • 14: "Constant Glow"
  • 15: "Distort"
  • 16: "Hologram (Distort + fade)"


Render Mode <choices>
Render Mode to use.
  • 0: "Normal"
  • 1: "Color"
  • 2: "Texture"
  • 3: "Glow"
  • 4: "Solid"
  • 5: "Additive"
FX Amount (1-255) <integer>
Controls transparency when using another render mode then normal. 0 is completely invisible, and 255 is opaque.
FX Color (R G B) <color255>
Color to use by the specified render mode.


Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.


  • 1 : Wait Till Seen
  • 2 : Gag
  • 4 : Monster Clip
  • 16 : Prisoner
  • 128 : Wait For Script
  • 256 : Pre-Disaster
  • 512 : Fade Corpse