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The file that contains sound data (called "scripted sentences"), which various entities will "speak" when called to do so. The file is located in the scripts\ folder of a mod. New mods created with the Create a Mod option in the source SDK, as well as the 'modify Half-Life 2 single player' sub option, will have a copy of this file placed in the mod's scripts\ folder for them. This copy of the file is a replica of the sentences.txt used by Half-Life 2. For mods that don't plan to use any of Half-Life 2's sentences, the contents of the file can be deleted and new entries made for the mod's needs. It is helpful to learn the structure of entries by reading the contents of the existing file.

For each entry, the first part (in CAPS) is the sentence name. This value can be associated with an entity in the Hammer Editor, to be "spoken" under certain circumstances. For example, the npc_citizen entity has a pair of keyvalues named 'Use sentence' and 'Unuse sentence'. Each of these keyvalues can be assigned the name of an entry in sentences.txt, one to be "spoken" when the NPC is used(follow me), and one for when the NPC is used again(stay here).

To do: Add more information on entry parameters and options.



COMBINE_ALERT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) contactconfim V_G0_PLAYERS, range V_DISTS meters, bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}


Controls volume. <v100> is the default volume. Lower volumes such as <v50> are used for voices considered to be lower priority such as idle chatters.
Controls pitch. <p100> is the default pitch.
Length of displaying closed caption for the sentence, in seconds.
Attaches the associated closed caption data to this sentence.

Original Source

Below is the original contents of the Half-Life 2 sentences.txt file:

// Do not use TABS.  Separate sentence-names from wave definitions with single spaces only.
// Sounds prefixed by "Q_" will be queued up for a while and played as soon as the NPC is allowed to speak




// V_ indicates 'virtual' name or number
// last letter indicates type: 'S' = soldier

// soldier names, remembered by speaker:

V_MYNAMES0 leader {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES1 flash {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES2 ranger {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES3 hunter {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES4 blade {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES5 scar {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES6 hammer {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES7 sweeper {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES8 swift {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES9 fist {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES10 sword {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES11 savage {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES12 tracker {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES13 slash {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES14 razor {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES15 stab {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES16 spear {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES17 striker {Len 0.4}
V_MYNAMES18 dagger {Len 0.4}

// air support names:

V_RNDNAMES0 ghost {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES1 reaper {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES2 nomad {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES3 hurricane {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES4 phantom {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES5 judge {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES6 shadow {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES7 slam {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES8 stinger {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES9 storm {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES10 vamp {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES11 winder {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNAMES12 star {Len 0.4}  

//phonetic alphabet/codes:

V_RNDCODES0 apex {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES1 ion {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES2 jet {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES3 kilo {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES4 mace {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES5 nova {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES6 payback {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES7 sundown {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES8 uniform {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES9 boomer {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES10 echo {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES11 flatline {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES12 helix {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES13 ice {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES14 quicksand {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES15 payback {Len 0.4}
V_RNDCODES16 ripcord {Len 0.4}

//Numbers, remembered by speaker:

V_MYNUMS0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS1 one {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS2 two {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS3 three {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS4 four {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS5 five {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS6 six {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_MYNUMS9 niner {Len 0.4}

// random numbers

V_RNDNUMS0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS1 one {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS2 two {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS3 three {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS4 four {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS5 five {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS6 six {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMS9 niner {Len 0.4}

// numbers, must be in order, used for distance/heading to player use: V_DISTS or V_DIRS

V_NUMBERSS0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS1 one {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS2 two {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS3 three {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS4 four {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS5 five {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS6 six {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS9 niner {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS10 ten {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS11 eleven {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS12 twelve {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS13 thirteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS14 fourteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS15 fifteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS16 sixteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS17 seventeen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS18 eighteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS19 nineteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS20 twenty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS21 thirty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS22 fourty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS23 fifty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS24 sixty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS25 seventy {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS26 eighty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS27 ninety {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS28 onehundred {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS29 twohundred {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSS30 threehundred {Len 0.4}

// rnd global, used to designate target

V_G0_PLAYERS0 freeman3 {len 0.5}
V_G0_PLAYERS1 anticitizenone {len 0.5}
V_G0_PLAYERS2 targetone {len 0.5}
V_G0_PLAYERS3 priority1objective {len 0.5}
V_G0_PLAYERS4 phantom {len 0.5}
V_G0_PLAYERS5 ghost2 {len 0.5}

// sequential gobal numbers, used for counting enemies down

V_SEQGLOBNBRS0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS1 one {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS2 two {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS3 three {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS4 four {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS5 five {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS6 six {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS9 niner {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS10 ten {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS11 eleven {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS12 twelve {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS13 thirteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS14 fourteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS15 fifteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS16 sixteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS17 seventeen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS18 eighteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS19 nineteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQGLOBNBRS20 twenty {Len 0.4}

COMBINE_PAIN0 npc/combine_soldier/pain1 {Len 0.30 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
COMBINE_PAIN1 npc/combine_soldier/pain2 {Len 0.30 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
COMBINE_PAIN2 npc/combine_soldier/pain3 {Len 0.26 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}

COMBINE_DIE0 npc/combine_soldier/die1 V_IDIEDS {Len 0.62 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
COMBINE_DIE1 npc/combine_soldier/die2 V_IDIEDS {Len 0.92 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
COMBINE_DIE2 npc/combine_soldier/die3 V_IDIEDS {Len 0.80 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}

COMBINE_KICK0 npc/combine_soldier/kick1 {Len 0.26}
COMBINE_KICK1 npc/combine_soldier/kick2 {Len 0.31}

// I am about to start shooting
// Marc, for any sentences you want to caption, just add the closecaption entry to the {Len} block as below
// COMBINE_ANNOUNCE0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS suppressing off1 {Len 0.96 closecaption}
// To use a specified caption string, put it's name in there, too
// COMBINE_ANNOUNCE0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS suppressing off1 {Len 0.96 closecaption NPCSound.Caption}

COMBINE_ANNOUNCE0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS suppressing off1 {Len 0.96 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS gosharp off2 {Len 1.22 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS prosecuting off1 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS engaging off1 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ANNOUNCE4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 cover off1 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// My enemy is close and I can see him

COMBINE_ASSAULT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 contact V_G0_PLAYERS off1 {Len 0.87 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ASSAULT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 contactconfirmprosecuting off1 {Len 1.23 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ASSAULT2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 contactconfim off1 {Len 1.08 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ASSAULT3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 targetmyradial V_DIRS degrees off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// I am moving in

COMBINE_FLANK0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS closing off1 {Len 1.36 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS inbound off1 {Len 1.15 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 movein off2 {Len 1.15  closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS sweepingin off1 {Len 1.15 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 coverme off1 {Len 1.15  closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES unitisclosing off1 {Len 1.15 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES unitisinbound off1 {Len 1.15 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_FLANK7 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES unitismovingin off1 {Len 1.15 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I am still alert and pursuing enemy

COMBINE_GO_ALERT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 alert1 off1 {Len 0.77  closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_GO_ALERT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS executingfullresponse off1 {Len 0.77 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// UNDONE: Nobody has seen enemy in 10 seconds

COMBINE_LOST_LONG0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 targetblackout off1 {Len 1.14 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS lostcontact off1 {Len 1.08 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 motioncheckallradials off1 {Len 1.05 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 stayalertreportsightlines off1 {Len 1.05 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatch, teamdeployedandscanning off1 {Len 1.05 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatch, V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS engagedincleanup off1 {Len 1.05 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_LONG6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 readyweapons, stayalert off1 {Len 1.05 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// UNDONE: Nobody has seen enemy in 5 seconds

COMBINE_LOST_SHORT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 targetisat shaddow4 off1 {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 readyextractors off1 {Len 1.19 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 readycharges off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 fixsightlinesmovein  off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_LOST_SHORT4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 on1 containmentproceeding off1 {Len 0.98 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// I just saw a friendly die

COMBINE_MAN_DOWN0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_WHODIEDS onedown onedown off1 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_WHODIEDS onedutyvacated off1 {Len 1.41 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 heavyresistance off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchrequestreinforcement off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MAN_DOWN4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_WHODIEDS onedown, hardenthatposition off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// UNDONE: Just found enemy after lost long

COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 target V_G0_PLAYERS, goactiveintercept off1 {Len 0.77 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 gosharp range V_DISTS off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 targetcontactat V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_REFIND_ENEMY3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 viscon viscon(p110), range V_DISTS, bearing V_DIRS off3 {Len 1.45 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// I am throwing a grenade

COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractoraway off1 {Len 1.31 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractorislive off1 {Len 1.33 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS flush sharpzone off1 {Len 1.24 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS extractoraway sharpzone off1 {Len 1.24 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
COMBINE_THROW_GRENADE4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1. six, five, four, three, two, one, flash flash(p105) flash(p110) off1 {Len 1.24 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}

//COMBINE_THROW1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/on1 (t30) take!(e75) this!(e100 t0) off1 {Len 1.03}
//COMBINE_THROW2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v10) on1(p120) (t40) fire!(e90) in!(e90) the!(e60) hole!(e100) off1 {Len 1.37}

// Enemy Grenade lands nearby (one man only)

COMBINE_GREN0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p120) bouncerbouncer off1 {Len 1.17 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
COMBINE_GREN1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p120) flaredown off1 {Len 1.17 closecaption NPC_Combine.Grenade}
// Something dangerous nearby, need to run

COMBINE_DANGER0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p120) displace off1 {Len 1.17}
COMBINE_DANGER1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p120) displace2 off3 {Len 1.17}
COMBINE_DANGER2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p120) ripcordripcord off1 {Len 1.17}

// Player Alert - first contact and I'm the squad leader

COMBINE_ALERT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) contactconfim V_G0_PLAYERS, range V_DISTS meters, bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) gosharpgosharp, V_DISTS meters off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) callcontacttarget1, grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) targetisat V_DISTS meters bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) targetmyradial V_DIRS degrees off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) contact V_G0_PLAYERS off3 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) targetcontactat V_DISTS meters, bearing V_DIRS degrees off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT7 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) designatetargetas V_G0_PLAYERS off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT8 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) contactconfirmprosecuting off2 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_ALERT9 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) contactconfim, designatetargetas V_G0_PLAYERS off1 {Len 1.13 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// last soldier's hit damaged player significantly

COMBINE_PLAYERHIT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) targetcompromisedmovein off1 {Len 1.13}
COMBINE_PLAYERHIT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) affirmativewegothimnow off1 {Len 1.13}
COMBINE_PLAYERHIT2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) thatsitwrapitup off2 {Len 1.13}

// Monster Alert - first contact and I'm the squad leader

COMBINE_MONST0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) confirmsectornotsterile off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) visualonexogens off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) overwatch sector V_SECTORS infected off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// Monster Alert - by type

COMBINE_MONST_BUGS0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) confirmsectornotsterile off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) swarmoutbreakinsector V_SECTORS off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) overwatch, weareinaninfestationzone, sector V_SECTORS off2 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_BUGS3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) overwatch, wehavenontaggedviromes, grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

COMBINE_MONST_CITIZENS0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) outbreak off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

COMBINE_MONST_CHARACTER0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) target, prioritytwoescapee off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_CHARACTER1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) outbreakstatusiscode hurricane off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) necrotics off3 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) necroticsinbound off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_ZOMBIES2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) overwatch, weareinaninfestationzone, sector V_SECTORS off2 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

COMBINE_MONST_PARASITES0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) callcontactparasitics off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
COMBINE_MONST_PARASITES1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) overwatch, wehavefreeparasites, sector V_SECTORS off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// I killed a monster

COMBINE_KILL_MONST0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) V_SEQGLOBNBRS cleaned off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_KILL_MONST1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) V_SEQGLOBNBRS sterilized off3 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_KILL_MONST2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) V_SEQGLOBNBRS contained off1 {Len 1.72 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// I was hit and it hurt. I'm taking cover (commented out in code)

COMBINE_COVER0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 coverhurt off1 {Len 0.95  closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_COVER1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 displace2 off1 {Len 0.95  closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_COVER2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS requestmedical off1 {Len 0.95 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
COMBINE_COVER3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS requeststimdose off1 {Len 0.95 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I took damage but it didn't hurt much (commented out in code)

COMBINE_TAUNT0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) targetineffective off1(p120) on1 {Len 1.32}
COMBINE_TAUNT1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2(p110) bodypackholding off2(p120) on1 {Len 1.32}
COMBINE_TAUNT2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1(p110) V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS, fullactive off1(p120) on1 {Len 1.32}

// I'm the last guy in the squad

COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 overwatchrequestreserveactivation off1 {len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatch, sectorisnotsecure off3 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 sector V_SECTORS, outbreak outbreak(p105) outbreak(p110) off1 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS isfinalteamunitbackup off1 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchteamisdown off1 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 overwatchsectoroverrun off2 {Len 1.28 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchrequestskyshield off1 {Len 0.95 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
COMBINE_LAST_OF_SQUAD7 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchrequestwinder off1 {Len 0.95 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}

// player is dead

COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchconfirmhvtcontained off3 {Len 0.82}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatchtarget1sterilized off1 {Len 1.87}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 overwatchtargetcontained off2 {Len 1.38}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 overwatch, stabilizationteamhassector off1 {Len 1.38}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on2 overwatch, V_G0_PLAYERS secure off3 {Len 1.38}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatch, V_G0_PLAYERS delivered off1 {Len 1.38}
COMBINE_PLAYER_DEAD6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v100) on1 overwatch, antiseptic administer off1 {Len 1.38}

// Idle statement - my status, no enemy

COMBINE_IDLE0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 V_RNDNAMES V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS dash V_RNDNUMS off1 {Len 2.97 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_IDLE1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 overwatchreportspossiblehostiles off1 {Len 2.97 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_IDLE2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 ovewatchorders3ccstimboost off2 {Len 2.97 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_IDLE3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 stabilizationteamholding off1 {Len 2.97 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_IDLE4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS standingby] off1(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// I'm asking a question while idle, which may be answered with affirmative

COMBINE_QUEST0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 readyweaponshostilesinbound off1(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_QUEST1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 prepforcontact off3(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_QUEST2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 skyshieldreportslostcontact, readyweapons off1(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_QUEST3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 stayalert off3(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_QUEST4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 weaponsoffsafeprepforcontact off2(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
COMBINE_QUEST5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 overwatch isatcode V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS off1(p120) {Len 1.56 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Answering affirmative

COMBINE_ANSWER0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 affirmative off1 {Len 1.57}
COMBINE_ANSWER1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 copy off1 {Len 1.57}
COMBINE_ANSWER2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 copythat off3 {Len 1.57}
COMBINE_ANSWER3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 affirmative2 off1 {Len 1.57}
COMBINE_ANSWER4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 copythat, V_RNDNAMES V_RNDCODES V_RNDNUMS dash V_RNDNUMS off1 {Len 1.57}

// Answering all clear

COMBINE_CLEAR0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS hasnegativemovement grid V_GRIDXS dash V_GRIDYS on1 off2(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS isholdingatcode V_RNDCODES on1 off1(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 V_MYNAMES V_MYNUMS hasnegativemovement on1 off3(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR3 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 affirmative, noviscon on1 off1(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR4 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 sightlineisclear on1 off1(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR5 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 V_MYNAMES reportingclear on1 off3(p120) {Len 2.30}
COMBINE_CLEAR6 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 sectorissecurenovison on1 off1(p120) {Len 2.30}

// Questioning if all clear

COMBINE_CHECK0 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 stayalertreportsightlines off3 {Len 1.63}
COMBINE_CHECK1 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on2 reportallpositionsclear off3 {Len 1.63}
COMBINE_CHECK2 npc/combine_soldier/vo/(v30) on1 reportallradialsfree off3 {Len 1.63}


// hl2 map names - 24 names max

V_MAPNAME0 default
V_MAPNAME1 trainstation
V_MAPNAME2 canals
V_MAPNAME5 coast
V_MAPNAME6 prison
V_MAPNAME8 citadel

// _MAP__ substring in word in sentence is replaced with _MAPxx where xx is mapnumber

// location prefix by mapname (remembered) (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

// map 0 default
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP00P2 sector

// map 1 trainstation
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP01P0 stationblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP01P1 transitblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP01P2 workforceintake

// map 2 canals
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP02P0 canalblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP02P1 stormsystem
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP02P2 wasteriver
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP02P3 deservicedarea

// map 3 eli
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP03P0 industrialzone
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP03P1 restrictedblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP03P2 repurposedarea

// map 4 town
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP04P0 condemnedzone
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP04P1 infestedzone
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP04P2 nonpatrolregion

// map 5 coast
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP05P0 externaljurisdiction
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP05P1 stabilizationjurisdiction
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP05P2 outlandzone

// map 6 prison
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP06P0 externaljurisdiction
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP06P1 stabilizationjurisdiction

// map 7 c17
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP07P0 residentialblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP07P1 404zone
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP07P2 distributionblock
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP07P3 productionblock
// map 8 citadel
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP08P0 highpriorityregion
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP08P1 terminalrestrictionzone
V_G1_LOCATION_MAP08P2 controlsection

// player names by mapname (remembered) (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP00P0 subject

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP01P0 citizen
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP01P2 subject

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP02P0 subject
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP02P1 noncitizen
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP02P2 sociocide
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP02P3 anticitizen

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP03P0 anticitizen
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP03P1 subject

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP04P0 freeman
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP04P1 subject
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP04P2 anticitizen

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP05P0 freeman
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP05P1 sociocide

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP06P0 freeman
V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP06P1 infection

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP07P0 freeman

V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP08P0 freeman

// rnd address suffix (remembered) (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_G3_NUMBP0 zero 
V_G3_NUMBP1 one
V_G3_NUMBP2 two
V_G3_NUMBP3 three
V_G3_NUMBP4 four
V_G3_NUMBP5 five
V_G3_NUMBP6 six
V_G3_NUMBP7 seven
V_G3_NUMBP8 eight
V_G3_NUMBP9 nine

// sequential global numbers, used for counting enemies down (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_SEQG0_NBRP0 one {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP1 two {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP2 three {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP3 four {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP4 five {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP5 six {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP6 seven {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP7 eight {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP8 nine {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP9 ten {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP10 eleven {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP11 twelve {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP12 thirteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP13 fourteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP14 fifteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP15 sixteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP16 seventeen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP17 eighteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP18 nineteen {Len 0.4}
V_SEQG0_NBRP19 twenty {Len 0.4}

// numbers, must be in order (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_NUMBERSP0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP1 one {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP2 two {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP3 three {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP4 four {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP5 five {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP6 six {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP9 nine {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP10 ten {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP11 eleven {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP12 twelve {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP13 thirteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP14 fourteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP15 fifteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP16 sixteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP17 seventeen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP18 eighteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP19 nineteen {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP20 twenty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP21 thirty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP22 fourty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP23 fifty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP24 sixty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP25 seventy {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP26 eighty {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP27 ninety {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP28 onehundred {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP29 twohundred {Len 0.4}
V_NUMBERSP30 threehundred {Len 0.4}

// random codes, player is criminal (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_RNDCODECRIM_P0 criminaltrespass63
V_RNDCODECRIM_P1 nonsanctionedarson51
V_RNDCODECRIM_P2 posession69
V_RNDCODECRIM_P3 publicnoncompliance507
V_RNDCODECRIM_P4 recklessoperation99
V_RNDCODECRIM_P5 resistingpacification148
V_RNDCODECRIM_P7 fugitive17f
V_RNDCODECRIM_P10 assault243
V_RNDCODECRIM_P11 illegalcarrying95
V_RNDCODECRIM_P12 unlawfulentry603

// random codes, player is not criminal (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_RNDCODEPLR_P0 attemptedcrime27
V_RNDCODEPLR_P1 disengaged647e
V_RNDCODEPLR_P2 disturbingunity415
V_RNDCODEPLR_P3 disturbancemental10-103m
V_RNDCODEPLR_P4 illegalinoperation63s
V_RNDCODEPLR_P5 threattoproperty51b

// random action codes (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_RNDACTP0 pressure
V_RNDACTP1 document
V_RNDACTP2 restrict
V_RNDACTP3 intercede
V_RNDACTP4 preserve
V_RNDACTP5 search
V_RNDACTP6 suspend
V_RNDACTP7 investigate
V_RNDACTP8 interlock
V_RNDACTP9 isolate
V_RNDACTP10 administer
V_RNDACTP11 cauterize
V_RNDACTP12 inject
V_RNDACTP13 innoculate
V_RNDACTP14 examine
V_RNDACTP15 apply
V_RNDACTP16 prosecute
V_RNDACTP17 serve
V_RNDACTP18 sterilize
V_RNDACTP19 amputate
V_RNDACTP20 lock

// random number
V_RNDNUMP0 zero {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP1 one {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP2 two {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP3 three {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP4 four {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP5 five {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP6 six {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP7 seven {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP8 eight {Len 0.4}
V_RNDNUMP9 nine {Len 0.4}

// unit names, remembered by speaker  (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_MYNAMEP0 defender 
V_MYNAMEP1 hero 
V_MYNAMEP2 jury 
V_MYNAMEP3 king 
V_MYNAMEP4 line 
V_MYNAMEP5 patrol 
V_MYNAMEP6 quick 
V_MYNAMEP7 roller 
V_MYNAMEP8 stick 
V_MYNAMEP10 union 
V_MYNAMEP11 victor 
V_MYNAMEP12 xray 
V_MYNAMEP13 yellow 
V_MYNAMEP14 vice

// unit numbers, remembered by speaker: (duplicated for metropolice and overwatch)

V_MYNUMP2 three
V_MYNUMP3 four
V_MYNUMP4 five
V_MYNUMP6 seven
V_MYNUMP7 eight
V_MYNUMP8 nine
//V_MYNUMP9 15w40 
//V_MYNUMP10 15w3
//V_MYNUMP11 15r9
//V_MYNUMP12 15l30
//V_MYNUMP13 15w2
//V_MYNUMP14 13x2
//V_MYNUMP15 11x25
//V_MYNUMP16 9l14
//V_MYNUMP17 6r3

// Death sounds

METROPOLICE_DIE0 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die1 on3 unitdownat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP allteamsrespondcode3 V_IDIEDP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE1 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die2 on3 unitdownat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP V_IDIEDP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE2 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die3 on3 lostbiosignalforunit V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP V_IDIEDP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE3 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die1 on3 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP unitdeserviced, remainingunitscontain V_IDIEDP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die2 on3 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP unitdownat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP V_IDIEDP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
METROPOLICE_DIE8 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v80) die1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Death}
// Alert sounds (unused currently) - see monst_player
METROPOLICE_GO_ALERT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 designatesuspectas V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P allunitscode2 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_GO_ALERT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 thereheis V_DISTP meters off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_GO_ALERT2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 contactwith243suspect, V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_GO_ALERT3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 allunitsrespondcode3 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// location-specific alert sounds (unused currently)

METROPOLICE_CANAL_ALERT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 suspectinstormrunoff V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_UPTHERE_ALERT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 hesupthere off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_WATER_ALERT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 suspectusingrestrictedcanals V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// Pain sounds
METROPOLICE_PAIN0 npc/metropolice/(v60) pain1 {Len 0.30 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_PAIN1 npc/metropolice/(v60) pain2 {Len 0.30 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_PAIN2 npc/metropolice/(v60) pain3 {Len 0.26 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}

// Pain sounds (I'm still over 90% health, used only once)

METROPOLICE_PAIN_LIGHT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 minorhitscontinuing off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
//METROPOLICE_PAIN_LIGHT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP is10-108 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}

// Pain sounds (I'm under 25% health for the first time, used only once)

METROPOLICE_PAIN_HEAVY0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 11-99officerneedsassistance off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_PAIN_HEAVY1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 officerneedshelp off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_PAIN_HEAVY2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 dispatchIneed10-78 off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_PAIN_HEAVY3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 officerneedsassistance off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
//METROPOLICE_PAIN_HEAVY3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMEP needsmedical11-99 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}

// Idle sounds (precriminal)

// Simple idle sound, always used when not in squad, sometimes used when in squad
METROPOLICE_IDLE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 unitis10-8standingby off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 unitisonduty10-8 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 holdingon10-14duty off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 unitis10-65 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 code7 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 V_RNDCODEPLR_P inprogress, respond off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 airwatchcopiesnoactivity V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 V_RNDACTP V_RNDNUMP V_RNDACTP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Check with squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP ptatlocationreport off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 anyonepickup647e off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 stillgetting647e off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK3 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 teamsreportstatus off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Response to the check with squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 clearno647no10-107 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 wearesociostablethislocation off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 blockisholdingcohesive off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 control100percent off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Ask a question to squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 anyonepickup647e off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 checkformiscount off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 catchthatbliponstabilization off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 pickingupnoncorplexindy off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 confirmupialert off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 recalibratesocioscan off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 airwatchreportspossiblemiscount off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 recalibratesocioscan, recievingconflictingdata off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Answer to a question asked
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 copy off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 rodgerthat off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 ten4 off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 ten2 off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 ten97 off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 affirmative off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER6 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 affirmative2 off1 {Len 1.5}

// Player is near, cop is harassing him
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 getoutofhere off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 movealong off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 vacatecitizen off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 youwantamalcomplianceverdict off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 lookingfortrouble off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 possiblelevel3civilprivacyviolator off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER6 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 possible647erequestairwatch off3 {Len 1.5} 
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER7 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 possible10-103alerttagunits off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_HARASS_PLAYER8 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 gota10-107sendairwatch off3 {Len 1.5}

// Idle sounds (criminal)

V_RNDPUNISHP0 permanentoffworld
V_RNDPUNISHP1 immediateamputation
V_RNDPUNISHP2 halfreproductioncredits
V_RNDPUNISHP3 halfrankpoints

// Simple idle sound, always used when not in squad, sometimes used when in squad
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 ten97suspectisgoa off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 suspect11-6my1020is V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 ten8standingby off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 code100 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 allunitsbolfor243suspect off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 suspectisnow187 off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 V_RNDCODECRIM_P inprogress, allunitsat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP respond off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 politistablizationmarginal off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR8 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 restrictedincursioninprogress, officerat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP investigateandreport off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR9 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 socialfractureinprogress off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR10 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 prematuremissiontermination V_RNDPUNISHP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR11 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 preparevisualdownload off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR12 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 leadersreportratios off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR13 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 V_RNDCODECRIM_P inprogress, investigateandreport off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR14 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 failuretotreatoutbreak off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR15 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 antifatigueration3mg off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR16 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 accomplicesoperating off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR17 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 remindermemoryreplacement off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CR18 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 reminder100credits off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Check with squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 ptatlocationreport V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 cprequestsallunitsreportin off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 cpbolforthat243 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 localcptreportstatus off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 allunitsbolfor243suspect off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 statuson243suspect off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 reporton V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CHECK_CR7 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 reportsightingsaccomplices V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Response to the check with squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR_CR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 suspectlocationunknown off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR_CR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 clearandcode100 off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR_CR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 novisualonupi off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR_CR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 searchingforsuspect off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_CLEAR_CR4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 utlthatsuspect off1 {Len 1.5}

// Ask a question to squadmates
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 confirmadw off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 allunitsbol34sat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 dispreportssuspectincursion V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off1 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 dispupdatingapb V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 allunitsverdictcodeonsuspect V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P, isnow V_RNDACTP V_RNDNUMP V_RNDACTP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 preparetoinnoculate V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_QUEST_CR6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 allunitsreturntocode12 off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Answer to a question asked
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 copy off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 rodgerthat off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 ten4 off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 ten2 off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 ten97 off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on2 affirmative off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_IDLE_ANSWER_CR6 npc/metropolice/vo/(v50) on1 affirmative2 off4 {Len 1.5}

// Preciminal harrasment (amplifying in nastiness)

// These are done in sequence as the player persistently pesters the cops

METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_A0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 movealong3 off1 {Len 1.5  closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_A1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 move off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_A2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 keepmoving off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}

METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_B0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 Isaidmovealong off1 {Len  1.5closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_B1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 youwantamalcomplianceverdict off3 {Len 1.5closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}
//METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_B2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 moveaway off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}

METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_C0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 level3civilprivacyviolator off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_C1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 malcompliant10107my1020 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_C2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 preparingtojudge10-107 off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_MOVE_ALONG_C3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 readytoprosecutefinalwarning off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong}

// These also are done in sequence as the player persistently pesters the cops

METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_A0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 backup off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_A1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 getoutofhere off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_A2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on2 firstwarningmove off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong1}

METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_B0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 movebackrightnow off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_B1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 secondwarning off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}
//METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_B2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 moveawayenforcementarea off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong2}

METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_C0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 issuingmalcompliantcitation off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_C1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 possiblelevel3civilprivacyviolator off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_C2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 finalwarning off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_C3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 preparingtojudge10-107 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
METROPOLICE_BACK_UP_C4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 readytoprosecutefinalwarning off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_MetroPolice.MoveAlong3}
// Baton

// Take out my baton
METROPOLICE_ACTIVATE_BATON0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 issuingmalcompliantcitation off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_ACTIVATE_BATON1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 pacifying off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_ACTIVATE_BATON2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 off3 {Len 1.5}

// Put away my baton
METROPOLICE_DEACTIVATE_BATON0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 off3 {Len 1.5}

// I'm on fire! Yeouch!

METROPOLICE_ON_FIRE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 officerneedshelp V_IDIEDS {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_ON_FIRE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 help V_IDIEDS {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}
METROPOLICE_ON_FIRE2 npc/metropolice/pain1 V_IDIEDS {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Pain}

// Misc

// My enemy is behind cover; I'm shooting out his cover
METROPOLICE_SHOOT_COVER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 breakhiscover off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_SHOOT_COVER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 destroythatcover off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_SHOOT_COVER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 firingtoexposetarget off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_SHOOT_COVER3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 firetodislocateinterpose off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// I'm moving more than 20ft to get into a new shooting position
METROPOLICE_FLANK0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP ismovingin off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 covermegoingin off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP isclosingonsuspect off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP converging off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 suspendnegotiations officerclosingonsuspect off2 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 officerclosingonsuspect off2 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FLANK6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 allunitsapplyforwardpressure off2 {Len 1.5}

// I heard something
METROPOLICE_HEARD_SOMETHING0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP investigating10-103 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_HEARD_SOMETHING1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on2 Ihave10-30my10-20responding off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_HEARD_SOMETHING2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP is415b off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_HEARD_SOMETHING3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP responding2 off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

V_RNDCHARGEP0 capitalmalcompliance
V_RNDCHARGEP1 violationofcivictrust
V_RNDCHARGEP2 promotingcommunalunrest
V_RNDCHARGEP3 failuretocomply
V_RNDCHARGEP4 level5anticivilactivity
V_RNDCHARGEP5 destrutionofcpt
V_RNDCHARGEP6 devisivesociocidal
V_RNDCHARGEP7 incitingpopucide
V_RNDCHARGES8 inciting404

V_RNDJUDGEP0 immediateamputation
V_RNDJUDGEP1 terminalprosecution
V_RNDJUDGEP2 disassociationfromcivic

// The player is significantly hurt
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 wegotadbherecancel10-102 off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 suspectisbleeding off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P ispassive off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 readytoamputate V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 get11-44inboundcleaningup off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on1, on1, on1, on3 attentionyouhavebeenchargedwith V_RNDCHARGEP, preparetoreceiveverdict V_RNDJUDGEP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on1, on1, on1, on3 attention V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P, prepareforfinalsentencing off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on1, on1, on1, on3 youarechargedwithterminal, completesentencingatwill off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_PLAYERHIT8 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on1, on1, on1, on3 attention V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P, youarejudgedguilty, allunitsdeliverterminalverdict off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// Taking cover

// Taking cover because I have no ammo
METROPOLICE_COVER_NO_AMMO0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 backmeupImout off1 {Len 1.5}
//METROPOLICE_COVER_NO_AMMO1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 noverdictslefttakingcover off4

// Taking cover because I have low ammo
METROPOLICE_COVER_LOW_AMMO0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 runninglowonverdicts off1 {Len 1.5}

// Taking cover because I have taken heavy damage recently

METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 officerunderfiretakingcover off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 officerneedsassistance off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 takecover {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80 p110) on1 movingtocover {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 off3 {Len 1.5}
// METROPOLICE_COVER_HEAVY_DAMAGE3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_MYNAMEP needsmedical11-99 off4 {Len 1.5}

// Lost/refound enemy

// (UNDONE?) I lost my enemy under 10 seconds ago
METROPOLICE_LOST_SHORT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P hidinglastseenatrange V_DISTP meters off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_SHORT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on2 sweepingforsuspect off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_SHORT2 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v50) on3 switchcomtotac3, reportplease off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// (UNDONE?) I lost my enemy over 10 seconds ago
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 allunitsreportlocationsuspect off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP nocontact off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on2 cpweneedtoestablishaperimeterat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v60) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP utlsuspect off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG4 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v60) on3 allunitsat V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP, beginscanning10-0 off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}
METROPOLICE_LOST_LONG5 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v60) on3 switchtotac5reporttocp off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.RadioChatter}

// (UNDONE?) Just found enemy after lost long
METROPOLICE_REFIND_ENEMY0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 supsecthasmovednowto V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_GRIDXP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_REFIND_ENEMY1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 thereheis off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_REFIND_ENEMY2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 therehegoeshesat V_DISTP meters off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// Monster Alert - first contact and I'm the squad leader

METROPOLICE_MONST0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 outbreak V_RNDNUMP V_RNDACTP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_RNDACTP V_RNDNUMP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P matchonapblikeness off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 confirmpriority1sighted off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 allunitsrespondcode3, V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P location V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 designatesuspectas V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P allunitscode2 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 thereheis V_DISTP meters off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER6 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 contactwith243suspect, V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER_VEHICLE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 airwatchsubjectis505 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER_VEHICLE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 subjectis505 off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER_VEHICLE2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 subjectisnowhighspeed off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PLAYER_VEHICLE3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 Ivegot408hereatlocation V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_BUGS0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 bugs off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_BUGS1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 bugsontheloose off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_BUGS2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 outbreak V_RNDNUMP converging off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_BUGS3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 outlandbioticinhere off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_CITIZENS0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 noncitizen outbreak off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_CITIZENS1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 shotsfiredhostilemalignants off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_CITIZENS2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 possible404here V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_CHARACTER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 contactwithpriority2 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_CHARACTER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 priority2anticitizenhere off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_CHARACTER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 gotoneaccomplicehere off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_ZOMBIES0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 freenecrotics, converging V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_ZOMBIES1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 necrotics malignant location V_G1_LOCATION_MAP__P V_G3_NUMBP off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

METROPOLICE_MONST_PARASITES0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 non-taggedviromeshere off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MONST_PARASITES1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 looseparasitics off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert} 

// I killed a monster - by type

METROPOLICE_KILL_MONST0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 ten91dcountis V_SEQG0_NBRP off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_MONST1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 tag10-91d V_SEQG0_NBRP off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_MONST2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 sterilize V_SEQG0_NBRP off4 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_BUGS0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 tagonebug off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_BUGS1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 sterilize V_SEQG0_NBRP off1 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 sentencedelivered off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 V_G2_SUSPECT_MAP__P ispassive off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 finalverdictadministered off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 protectioncomplete off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER4 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 sentencedelivered off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER5 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 classifyasdbthisblockready off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER6 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 rewardnotice off2 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER7 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 allunitsreturntocode12 off2 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER8 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 finalverdictadministered, allunitsbeginwhitnesssterilization off2 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PLAYER9 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 sociostabilizationrestored off2 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_CITIZENS0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 V_SEQG0_NBRP sentencedelivered off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_CITIZENS1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 V_SEQG0_NBRP expired off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_CITIZENS2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 V_SEQG0_NBRP malignant off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_CITIZENS3 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 noncitizen expired off1 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_CHARACTER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_SEQG0_NBRP sentenced off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_CHARACTER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 dbcountis V_SEQG0_NBRP off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_CHARACTER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 suspend V_SEQG0_NBRP off1 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_ZOMBIES0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 tagonenecrotic off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_ZOMBIES1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 sterilize V_SEQG0_NBRP off4 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_KILL_PARASITES0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 tagoneparasitic off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_KILL_PARASITES1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 sterilize V_SEQG0_NBRP off1 {Len 1.5}

// Manhack sounds

// Deploying a manhack
METROPOLICE_DEPLOY_MANHACK0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 visceratordeployed off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DEPLOY_MANHACK1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 tenzerovisceratorishunting off3 {Len 1.5} 
//METROPOLICE_DEPLOY_MANHACK2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v90) on1 allunitsvisceratorisactive off4 {Len 1.5}

// My manhack was killed
METROPOLICE_MANHACK_KILLED0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 visceratorisoffgrid off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MANHACK_KILLED1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 requestsecondaryviscerator off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// Squad sounds

// A squadmate died
METROPOLICE_MAN_DOWN0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 wehavea10-108 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MAN_DOWN1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_WHODIEDP isdown off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}
METROPOLICE_MAN_DOWN2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 V_WHODIEDP is10-108 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Alert}

// My last squadmate died; I'm all that's left!
METROPOLICE_LAST_OF_SQUAD0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 officerdowncode3tomy10-20 off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
METROPOLICE_LAST_OF_SQUAD1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 officerdownIam10-99 off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
METROPOLICE_LAST_OF_SQUAD2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 cpisoverrunwehavenocontainment off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}
METROPOLICE_LAST_OF_SQUAD3 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 engagingteamisnoncohesive, reinforcementteamscode3 off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Last}

// Danger sounds - by type
METROPOLICE_DANGER_GREN0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 grenade {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DANGER_GREN1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 thatsagrenade {Len 1.5} 
METROPOLICE_DANGER_GREN2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 getdown {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_DANGER_MANHACK0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 lookoutrogueviscerator off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DANGER_MANHACK1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 visceratorisoc off1 {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_DANGER_VEHICLE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 shit {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DANGER_VEHICLE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 watchit {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DANGER_VEHICLE2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 lookout {Len 1.5}

METROPOLICE_DANGER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 moveit {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_DANGER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 lookout {Len 1.5}

// Func_tank behavior

// I'm moving to man a func_tank
METROPOLICE_FT_APPROACH0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP on1 movingtohardpoint off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I've just manned a func_tank
METROPOLICE_FT_MOUNT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP on1 inpositionathardpoint off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_FT_MOUNT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP on2 isathardpointreadytoprosecute off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I'm manning a func_tank and am scanning for enemies
METROPOLICE_FT_SCAN0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 hardpointscanning off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_FT_SCAN1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 sweepingforsuspect off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I've dismounted the func_tank
METROPOLICE_FT_DISMOUNT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP dismountinghardpoint off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// Assault behavior

// I've hit my rally point, waiting to move out
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_RALLY0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP inposition off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_RALLY1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP atcheckpoint off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_RALLY2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP on1 isreadytogo off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I've hit my assault point, waiting to move out
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_ASSAULT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP readytojudge  off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_ASSAULT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP inpositiononeready off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_HIT_ASSAULT2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP isgo off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I'm squad leader, ordering squad to move to rally point
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_RALLY0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 proceedtocheckpoints off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_RALLY1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on2 allunitscloseonsuspect off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_RALLY2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v70) on1 allunitsmovein off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I'm squad leader, ordering squad to move to assault point
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_ASSAULT0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 teaminpositionadvance off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_ASSAULT1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 ptgoagain off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_AS_ADV_ASSAULT2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 assaultpointsecureadvance off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
// Standoff behavior

// I'm squad leader telling squad to go into standoff
METROPOLICE_SO_BEGIN0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 holdthisposition off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_SO_BEGIN1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 lockyourposition off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_SO_BEGIN2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 allunitsmaintainthiscp off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_SO_BEGIN3 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 lockdownlocationsacrificecode V_RNDACTP V_RNDNUMP off2 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I'm squad leader telling squad to end standoff
METROPOLICE_SO_END0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 cpiscompromised off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_SO_END1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 establishnewcp off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// I'm being forced to take cover
METROPOLICE_SO_FORCE_COVER0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 officerunderfiretakingcover off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_SO_FORCE_COVER1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 movingtocover off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_SO_FORCE_COVER2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 takecover off1 {Len 1.5}

// I'm peeking over cover to see if I can see the enemy
METROPOLICE_SO_PEEK0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 goingtotakealook off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_SO_PEEK1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 acquiringonvisual off4 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// First arrest encounter speech

// First cop who finds you tells you to freeze
METROPOLICE_FREEZE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 holditrightthere off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_FREEZE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 prepareforjudgement off4 {Len 1.5}

// First cop then tells his buddies to come over
METROPOLICE_OVER_HERE0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 movetoarrestpositions off3 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_OVER_HERE1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 positiontocontain off4 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_OVER_HERE2 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 preparefor1015 off1 {Len 1.5}

// First cop tells his buddies the player is fleeing if he does
METROPOLICE_HES_RUNNING0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on1 hesrunning off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_HES_RUNNING1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v100) on2 hesgone148 off4 {Len 1.5}

// Other squad cops signal when they get in position
METROPOLICE_ARREST_IN_POS0 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP, inposition off1 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_ARREST_IN_POS1 npc/metropolice/vo/(v80) on2 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP, readytoprosecute off3 {Len 1.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// First cop tells his buddies to fire once they are all in position 
METROPOLICE_TAKE_HIM_DOWN0 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 allunitsdeliverterminalverdict off2 {Len 2.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord} 
METROPOLICE_TAKE_HIM_DOWN1 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 allunitsverdictcodeis V_RNDJUDGEP off2 {Len 2.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}
METROPOLICE_TAKE_HIM_DOWN2 npc/overwatch/radiovoice/(v100) on3 suspectmalignantverdictcodeis V_RNDJUDGEP off2 {Len 2.5 closecaption NPC_Combine.Coord}

// Cop is hit by physics object thrown by player (not with physcannon)

METROPOLICE_HIT_BY_PHYSOBJECT0 on1 preparingtojudge10-107 off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_HIT_BY_PHYSOBJECT1 on1 movebackrightnow off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_HIT_BY_PHYSOBJECT2 on1 holditrightthere off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_HIT_BY_PHYSOBJECT3 on1 V_MYNAMEP V_MYNUMP hasmalcompliant off1 {Len 1.5}
METROPOLICE_HIT_BY_PHYSOBJECT4 on1 malcompliant10107my1020 off1 {Len 1.5}


// HEV Suit

// powerup

HEV_AAx hl1/fvox/bell

//HEV_logon, powerarmor_on, atmospherics_on,vitalsigns_on, automedic_on, weaponselect_on, munitionview_on, communications_on, safe_day {Len 41.76}

//HEV_A0 hl1/fvox/bell, HEV_logon {Len 11.07}

//HEV_A1 hl1/fvox/blip blip(p130) powermove_on {Len 3.71}
//HEV_A2 hl1/fvox/blip blip powerarmor_on {Len 4.42}
//HEV_A3 hl1/fvox/blip blip(p130) atmospherics_on {Len 4.41}
//HEV_A4 hl1/fvox/blip blip vitalsigns_on boop, boop, boop {Len 5.28}
//HEV_A5 hl1/fvox/blip blip(p130) munitionview_on {Len 3.84}
//HEV_A6 hl1/fvox/blip blip communications_on {Len 3.59}
//HEV_A7 hl1/fvox/blip blip(p70) weaponselect_on {Len 3.97}
//HEV_A8 hl1/fvox/blip blip(p70) automedic_on {Len 3.77}
//HEV_A9 hl1/fvox/fuzz power_level_is onehundred percent {Len 4.14}
//HEV_A10 hl1/fvox/safe_day, bell {Len 3.66}

// medical
HEV_DEAD0 hl1/fvox/beep beep, beep beep, beep, beep, flatline {Len 6.29 closecaption HEV.Flatline}
HEV_DEAD1 hl1/fvox/beep beep, beep beep, beep, flatline {Len 5.82 closecaption HEV.Flatline}

HEV_MED0 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) innsuficient_medical {Len 1.41 closecaption HEV.insufficient_medical}
HEV_MED1 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) automedic_on {Len 4.92 closecaption HEV.automedic_on}
HEV_MED2 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) administering_medical {Len 1.41 closecaption HEV.administering_medical}

HEV_HEAL0 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) wound_sterilized, blip(p130 v50), blip(p130 v40), hiss, morphine_shot {Len 7.03 closecaption HEV.sterilized_morphine}
HEV_HEAL1 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) torniquette_applied, bleeding_stopped {Len 7.03 closecaption HEV.torni_bleed}
HEV_HEAL2 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) bleeding_stopped {Len 3.66 closecaption HEV.bleeding_stopped}
HEV_HEAL3 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) blood_plasma {Len 4.02 closecaption HEV.blood_plasma}
HEV_HEAL4 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, antitoxin_shot {Len 4.38 closecaption HEV.antitoxin_shot}
HEV_HEAL5 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, antidote_shot {Len 4.17 closecaption HEV.antidote_shot}
HEV_HEAL6 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, wound_sterilized {Len 4.16 closecaption HEV.wound_sterilized}
HEV_HEAL7 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) hiss, morphine_shot {Len 4.16 closecaption HEV.morphine_shot}
HEV_HEAL8 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) medical_repaired {Len 4.17 closecaption HEV.medical_repaired}

HEV_DMG0 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) minor_lacerations {Len 4.09 closecaption HEV.minor_lacerations}
HEV_DMG1 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) major_lacerations {Len 4.19 closecaption HEV.major_lacerations}
HEV_DMG2 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) internal_bleeding {Len 3.64 closecaption HEV.internal_bleeding}
HEV_DMG3 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) blood_toxins {Len 5.04 closecaption HEV.blood_toxins}
HEV_DMG4 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) minor_fracture {Len 3.67 closecaption HEV.minor_fracture}
HEV_DMG5 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) major_fracture {Len 3.67 closecaption HEV.major_fracture}
HEV_DMG6 hl1/fvox/(p160) boop, boop, boop, (p100) blood_loss {Len 3.39 closecaption HEV.blood_loss}
HEV_DMG7 hl1/fvox/(p140) boop, boop, boop, (p100) seek_medic {Len 3.92 closecaption HEV.seek_medic}

HEV_HLTH0 hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) health_dropping {Len 4.31 closecaption HEV.health_dropping}
HEV_HLTH1 hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) health_dropping2 {Len 3.68 closecaption HEV.health_dropping2}
HEV_HLTH2 hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, beep, (p100) health_critical {Len 4.32 closecaption HEV.health_critical}
HEV_HLTH3 hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, beep, (p100) near_death {Len 4.77 closecaption HEV.near_death}
HEV_HLTH4 hl1/fvox/(p140) beep, beep, (p100) health_dropping2, evacuate_area {Len 5.93 closecaption HEV.health2_evac}
HEV_HLTH5 hl1/fvox/(p140) beep, beep, beep, (p100) health_critical, evacuate_area {Len 6.52 closecaption HEV.health_crit_evac}
HEV_HLTH6 hl1/fvox/(p140) beep, beep, beep, (p100) near_death, evacuate_area immediately {Len 8.22 closecaption HEV.near_death_evac}

HEV_SHOCK hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) warning, shock_damage {Len 4.05 closecaption HEV.shock_damage}
HEV_FIRE hl1/fvox/(p120) beep, beep, (p100) warning, heat_damage {Len 4.77 closecaption HEV.heat_damage}

// items
HEV_AIM_ON hl1/fvox/blip targetting_system activated {Len 4.02 closecaption HEV.targetting_system_on}
HEV_AIM_OFF hl1/fvox/blip targetting_system deactivated {Len 4.27 closecaption HEV.targetting_system_off}
HEV_BATTERY hl1/fvox/blip get_battery acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_MEDKIT hl1/fvox/blip get_medkit(v80) {Len 0.11}

HEV_PISTOL hl1/fvox/blip get_pistol acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_SHOTGUN hl1/fvox/blip get_shotgun {Len 0.11}
HEV_GRENADE hl1/fvox/blip get_grenade acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_ASSAULT hl1/fvox/blip get_assault acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_44PISTOL hl1/fvox/blip get_44pistol acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_RPG hl1/fvox/blip get_rpg acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_SATCHEL hl1/fvox/blip get_satchel acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_TRIPMINE hl1/fvox/blip get_tripmine acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_HORNET hl1/fvox/blip get_alien_wpn {Len 0.11}
HEV_SQUEEK hl1/fvox/blip get_alien_wpn {Len 0.11}
HEV_EGON hl1/fvox/blip get_egon acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_GAUSS hl1/fvox/blip get_gauss acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_XBOW hl1/fvox/blip get_crossbow acquired {Len 0.92}

HEV_9MM hl1/fvox/blip get_9mmclip acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_44AMMO hl1/fvox/blip get_44ammo acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_BUCKSHOT hl1/fvox/blip get_buckshot acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_BOLTS hl1/fvox/blip get_bolts acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_RPGAMMO hl1/fvox/blip get_rpgammo acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_AGRENADE hl1/fvox/blip get_assaultgren acquired {Len 0.92}
HEV_EGONPOWER hl1/fvox/blip get_egonpower acquired {Len 0.92}

// time

//HEV_C1t hl1/fvox/bell time_is_now one AM
//HEV_C13t hl1/fvox/bell time_is_now one PM

// power levels

HEV_D00 hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz(p130), power_restored {Len 2.12 closecaption HEV.power_restored}
HEV_D01 hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz(p80), hev_shutdown {Len 4.99 closecaption HEV.hev_shutdown}

HEV_0P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_below five percent {Len 6.35}
HEV_1P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ten percent {Len 2.75}
HEV_2P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifteen percent {Len 3.15}
HEV_3P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), twenty percent {Len 2.99}
HEV_4P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), twenty five percent {Len 3.87}
HEV_5P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), thirty percent {Len 3.04}
HEV_6P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), thirty five percent {Len 3.91}
HEV_7P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fourty percent {Len 3.07}
HEV_8P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fourty five percent {Len 3.95}
HEV_9P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifty percent {Len 3.17}
HEV_10P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), fifty five percent {Len 4.05}
HEV_11P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), sixty percent {Len 3.16}
HEV_12P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), sixty five percent {Len 4.04}
HEV_13P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), seventy percent {Len 3.12}
HEV_14P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), seventy five percent {Len 4.00}
HEV_15P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), eighty percent {Len 2.88}
HEV_16P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), eighty five percent {Len 3.76}
HEV_17P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ninety percent {Len 3.12}
HEV_18P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_restored(e30), ninety five percent {Len 4.00}
HEV_19P hl1/fvox/fuzz fuzz, power_level_is onehundred percent {Len 4.62}

// weapon/ammo

HEV_AMO0 hl1/fvox/blip ammo_depleted {Len 2.16 closecaption HEV.ammo_depleted}

// suit

HEV_V0 hl1/fvox/blip, voice_on {Len 3.17}
HEV_V1 hl1/fvox/blip, voice_off {Len 3.06}

HEV_E0 hl1/fvox/buzz buzz, armor_gone {Len 2.95 closecaption HEV.armor_gone}
HEV_E1 hl1/fvox/buzz, armor_gone {Len 2.62 closecaption HEV.armor_gone}
HEV_E2 hl1/fvox/buzz, hev_critical_fail {Len 4.75 closecaption HEV.hev_critical_fail}
HEV_E3 hl1/fvox/buzz, hev_general_fail {Len 3.22 closecaption HEV.hev_general_fail}
HEV_E4 hl1/fvox/buzz, hev_damage {Len 3.53 closecaption HEV.hev_damage}
HEV_E5 hl1/fvox/buzz, powermove_overload {Len 4.98 closecaption HEV.powermove_overload}

// time remaining countdown

//HEV_F10t hl1/fvox/bell time_remaining ten seconds
//HEV_F15t hl1/fvox/bell time_remaining fifteen seconds
//HEV_F20t hl1/fvox/bell time_remaining twenty seconds
//HEV_F30t hl1/fvox/bell time_remaining thirty seconds

// detections

HEV_DET0 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, biohazard_detected {Len 3.67 closecaption HEV.biohazard_detected}
HEV_DET1 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, chemical_detected {Len 4.33 closecaption HEV.chemical_detected}
HEV_DET2 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, radiation_detected {Len 5.08 closecaption HEV.radiation_detected}
HEV_DET3 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, bio_reading {Len 2.93 closecaption HEV.bio_reading}
HEV_DET4 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, antitoxin_shot(e50), onehundred percent {Len 3.67 closecaption HEV.biohazard_detected}
HEV_DET5 hl1/fvox/blip blip blip, antitoxin_shot(e25) radiation_detected(e50), onehundred percent {Len 5.37 closecaption HEV.radiation_detected}

//HEV_GR0r hl1/fvox/range twenty meters(t60)
//HEV_GR1r hl1/fvox/range nineteen meters
//HEV_GR2r hl1/fvox/range eighteen meters