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All entities have a Use input, though many do nothing in response to it. Typically, it performs the action players most expect when interacting with the entity (e.g., opening/closing a door, picking up a physics object). There are four methods to invoke it:

  1. A player looking at the entity and using the +use console command (commonly bound to the E key).
  2. An entity output that specifies the Use input, or not specifying any input.
  3. Directly calling the C++ function.
  4. If an entity without a use function is parented to one which does, it will passthrough the input to the parent.


Although there is always a Use input, the actual Use function of an entity starts null. It can be assigned at any time with SetUse( void *SomeFunc(CBaseEntity *pActivator, CBaseEntity *pCaller, USE_TYPE useType, float value) ).

It doesn't appear possible to specify USE_TYPE or value through the I/O system.