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func_placement_clip is a brush entity available in Portal 2 Portal 2. It "specifies a region where things cannot be built", according to its description in the default FGD. The entity is believed to be a leftover from F-STOP, along with info_placement_helper. While the latter entity was reused for Portal placement, this one was not, and has no known functionality in the final game.


Filter Name (filtername) <filter>
Name of filter entity to test against activators.


Start Disabled (StartDisabled) <boolean>
Stay dormant until activated (with theEnableinput).


  •  [1] : Clients (Survivors, Special Infected, Tanks Left 4 Dead series)
  •  [2] : NPCs (Common Infected ,Witches Left 4 Dead series)
  •  [8] : Physics Objects
  •  [16] : Only player ally NPCs
  •  [32] : Only clients in vehicles
  •  [64] : Everything (not including physics debris)
  •  [512] : Only clients *not* in vehicles
  •  [1024] : Physics debris
  •  [2048] : Only NPCs in vehicles (respects player ally flag)
  •  [4096] : Disallow Bots
  •  [4096] : Correctly account for object mass (trigger_push used to assume 100Kg) and multiple component physics objects (car, blob...) (in all games since Alien Swarm)
Note.pngNote: In Garry's Mod, flag 4096 is "Correctly account for object mass" for trigger_push only.[confirm]


TouchTest  (in all games since Source 2007)
Triggers either the OnTouching or OnNotTouching outputs for whether anything is touching this entity.
StartTouch  (in all games since Source 2007) !FGD
Behave as if the !caller entity had just entered the trigger volume. Accepts non-physical entities.
EndTouch  (in all games since Source 2007) !FGD
Behave as if !caller had just exited the trigger volume.
DisableAndEndTouch  (only in Source 2013 Multiplayer(Team Fortress 2))
Disables this trigger and calls EndTouch on all currently-touching entities.

Toggles this trigger between enabled and disabled states.


Enable/disable this entity from performing its task. It might also disappear from view.


Fired when an entity stops touching this trigger. Only entities that passed this trigger's filters will cause this output to fire. (!activator is the exiting entity.)
Warning.pngWarning:This includes entities which are deleted while inside the trigger. In this case !activator will be invalid.
Fires when the last entity in the entity's area exits this trigger or when this entity is disabled. Only entities that passed this trigger's filters are considered. (!activator is the last exiting entity.)
OnTouching  (in all games since Source 2007)
OnNotTouching  (in all games since Source 2007)
Fired when the TouchTest input is called.


Fired when an entity starts touching this trigger. The touching entity must pass this trigger's filters to cause this output to fire. (!activator is the "toucher.")
Fired repeatedly with a delay while an entity is within this trigger's volume. Delay is defined by Delay Before Reset key.