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A dissected combine_shieldwall prefab.

A prefab located in the Prefabs HL2 folder, containing a standard Combine forcefield gate, preventing the player from proceeding. This shieldwall prefab (unlike combine_shieldwall_static) can be toggled off and on again, making its build more complex in nature.

This prefab includes the following:

  • Two prop_dynamic fence post models.
  • A non-solid func_brush brush with an animated texture, providing a forcefield visual effect.
  • A broader func_brush covered in the playerclip tooltexture that while active will only allow Combine soldiers (npc_combine_s) through.
  • A trigger_hurt brush, that will electrocute the player (Damage = 10000) if they are in the middle of the forcefield when it is turned on.
  • Two ambient_generic entities used to play the "idle" and the "touch" sounds.
  • A trigger_multiple brush that will detect if the player is deemed touching the force field, and that will trigger the "touch" sound to play if it does.
  • A logic_auto that is used to start the ambient_generic playing the idle sound of the field at the spawn of the map. See tip below.
  • Two logic_relay entities - one that will handle the deactivation of the field if it's deactivated, and one that will handle the activation of the field if it's activated.
  • An enveloping normal brush covered with the skip tooltexture to facilitate grouping, copying and moving this prefab.
Tip.pngTip:The logic_auto entity isn't really needed. The same function can be achieved if the Start Silent flag of the sound_combineshieldwall_idle1 entity is cleared.