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Blank image.pngTodo: More mentions of the Source 2 Source 2 engine and Workshop Tools, fewer mentions of specific game tools.
Note.pngNote:This page was originally created for Dota 2 Workshop Tools. The content of the article has not been changed yet, but it still applies to the latest versions of the Workshop Tools in all other Source 2 Source 2 games.

The Asset Browser Asset Browser acts as a hub for launching all of the Source 2 Source 2 engine tools available in the game's Workshop Tools (Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx, Counter-Strike 2, SteamVR Home, etc...).

This includes Hammer 5.x Hammer, Material Editor Material Editor, Model Editor Model Editor, ModelDoc Editor ModelDoc, and the Particle Editor Particle Editor for example. Assets by default will launch their associated editor when double clicking the asset in the Asset Browser.

  • The icons at the top of the Asset Browser can be used to launch any of the available tools.
  • The Asset Browser is used to browse, filter, and edit content for a custom addon.

Preview pane

Shows a preview of the selected asset. This section also contains information on asset dependencies such as models and their associated materials. All dependencies for any given asset will be displayed here.

Asset list pane

Name Filter

Type in an asset name or part of one to list matching assets in all loaded mods.

Saved Search

Displays any saved searches and if none are found you can create one.

Grid/List Toggle

Toggle between a grid view and list view of any assets. This view is filtered by any settings selected in the Filter, Mods, or Asset Types.


Used to select what mod directories are loaded. Usually this will include all base Dota 2 content in addition to the addon that was launched.

Asset Types

Display assets by selected type only or all types.


Allows complex filtering of assets based on simple rules.

Working Sets

Working set are used to build and customize a set of assets to easily recall as a group. By default, this contains directories for quickly locating groups of assets. For example, if looking for trees, browsing to the /models/props_tree directory to see any trees.

Working sets can also be defined by the user by creating a new set and adding assets to it. This can be useful when a set of different assets are being worked on together.

Tip.pngTip:This view is also controlled by the aforementioned filter types.