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<SteamVR Home> SteamVR Home provides a virtual reality portal with interactive environments for SteamVR. It is included with the SteamVR application, but functions separately from the main runtime and dashboard menu. SteamVR Home uses the Source 2 engine and comes with a set of Workshop Tools for creating custom environments.

SteamVR Home was originally released as Destinations, a virtual reality environment viewer primarily intended for rendering photogrammetry captures. Almost all of the features of Destinations are available in SteamVR Home. The original Destinations application is no longer available on the Steam storefront.


Customizable environments
Players can choose a default home environment to load into when SteamVR starts. They can spawn and arrange props, and change the skybox background. Customized environments can be manually saved.
Support for player hosted lobbies, both public and invite-only. Player avatars can be customized with unlockable stock assets.
Players can perform tasks assigned by Valve to unlock spawnable tools, props and avatar pieces. Promotional items can be gained from other VR games.
The gate to all the VR fun


Source 2 toolset
Includes the Hammer level editor, and tools for creating models, materials and particle systems.
Steam Workshop support
Custom environments and skybox backgrounds can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop. Workshop content can be browsed and downloaded in-game. Joining a multiplayer room with a custom environment automatically downloads the environment to the client.
VR forward renderer
Includes basic PBR shaders, real-time lighting with cascaded shadow maps, support for directional lightmaps, and parallax corrected cubemap probes.
Server-side VScript system using Lua, client-side Panorama UI system using XML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Interactive physics-enabled props
Includes a player-scalable and recolorable version of prop_physics, as well as scriptable tool props.

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