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weapon_rifle_spawn is a point entity available in Left 4 Dead series Left 4 Dead series. It is possible spawn point for M16.


  •  [1] : Enable Physics
  •  [4] : Absorb any dropped weapon type (only in Left 4 Dead 2)
  •  [2] : Must Exist
  •  [8] : Infinite items (overrides count) (only in Left 4 Dead 2)
  •  [65536] : Add to director scavenge list (only in Left 4 Dead)
Blank image.pngTodo: What does this flag mean?
  •  [131072] : Don't cluster with similar items (only in Left 4 Dead)


Count (count) <integer>
Max number of weapons given before disappearing.
Weapon Skin (weaponskin) <integer>
Some weapons have multiple versions of their textures, called skins. Set this to a number other than -1 to make the given weapon use that skin instead of the default.
Glow Range (glowrange) <float>
Set a custom glow range for this spawner. 0 means use the default range.
Glow Backface Multiple (glowbackfacemult) <float> (only in Left 4 Dead 2) !FGD
If this object has a glow effect, multiply the effect by this much on the sides of the object that are facing away from the viewer.


OnItemSpawn  (only in Left 4 Dead)
Fired if this object is spawned on the map. If the weapon is removed during the weapon spawn pass, this will not fire.

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