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commentary_auto is a point entity available in all games with the Commentary System implemented, including Half-Life 2: Episode One and Team Fortress 2. This entity is similar to logic_auto's role in firing outputs when the map is loaded, firing outputs when the developer commentary system is loaded. It will only function when used inside of a commentary file, but it does not appear to be available in the Commentary Editor directly and it is not available in any FGDs. The only known way to implement it is by directly defining it in the commentary file via a text editor. See Commentary System for more information on how this system works.


	"classname" "commentary_auto"
	"origin" "0 0 1024"
		"OnCommentaryNewGame" "remove_in_commentary,Kill,,0,-1"
		"OnCommentaryMidGame" "remove_in_commentary,Disable,,0,-1"
		"OnCommentaryMidGame" "remove_in_commentary,TurnOff,,0,-1"


Tell the OnCommentaryMultiplayerSpawn output to fire, for if the game is multiplayer.


Fired when a new game is started with commentary enabled.
Fired when commentary is enabled in the middle of a map.
Fired when MultiplayerSpawned is sent to this entity.