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Year Version Company Features Base Notes
1998 [Clarify] v1.0.x.x/SDK v1 Valve Valve Software Per-texture palettes, Coloured lighting Quake (id Tech 2) v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl
1998[Clarify] v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0 Valve Valve Software VGUI v1.0.x.x/SDK v1 v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl
2001 (leak)[Clarify] Dreamcast Gearbox Software Gearbox Software Compressed model textures v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0 v30 .bsp, v11 .mdl
2002 007 Nightfire Gearbox Software Gearbox Software Direct3D 8 renderer
MSAA support
v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0 (For PC)
Modified id Tech 3 (For consoles)[citation needed]
v42 .bsp, v14 .mdl
2003 PlayStation 2 Gearbox Software Gearbox Software LOD models Dreamcast v40 .bs2, v10 .dol
2003 Xbox Ritual Entertainment Ritual Entertainment Improved lighting Counter-Strike: Condition Zero engine branch earlier version v30 .bsp, v11 .mdl, .sxwad format instead of wad
2003 Counter-Strike Neo engine branch Namco Heavily modified OpenGL Renderer
Native linux support
v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0
Confirm:only for ver.1

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero engine branch (ver.2)
v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl [confirm]
2003 Steam Valve Valve Software VGUI2 v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0 v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl
2004 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero engine branch Valve Valve
Turtle Rock Studios Turtle Rock Studios
Gearbox Software Gearbox Software
Ritual Entertainment Ritual Entertainment
Player Bots
Detail textures
v1.1.x.x/SDK v2.0[confirm] v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl [confirm]
2007[Clarify] Paranoia HLSDK fork Paranoia HLSDK fork Paranoia Team New OpenGL Renderer Counter-Strike: Condition Zero engine branch v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl [confirm]
2013 Cry of Fear engine branch Cry of Fear engine branch Team Psykskallar Improved paranoia's OpenGL Renderer Paranoia HLSDK fork Paranoia HLSDK fork[3] v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl [confirm]
2013 2013 SteamPipe (SDK 2.4) Valve Valve Software Linux and Mac support
MSAA (4X) support
Removed support for EAX/A3D surround sound and Direct3D 7 renderer
Steam v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl
2016 Svengine Svengine Sven Co-op Team AngelScript
FMOD audio (restores EAX/surround sound features)
Extended engine limits
2013 SteamPipe v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl
2023 25th anniversary (SDK 2.5) Valve Valve Software Shaders 2013 SteamPipe v30 .bsp, v10 .mdl