Ricochet Level Creation/Teleporter

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Ricochet Level Creation

This tutorial explains how to create a teleporter in Ricochet.


First, split the bouncer into two bouncers, width 256" of empty space between.

Then, create brushes as shown in the drawing below, with default texture set to SKY:

Ricochet teleporter drawing.png

When you are done, select all brushes and make them single func_wall entity.


Select the front and back sides of the teleporter. Set their texture to STRIP1A. Do not change the application settings.

Then, select top and bottom sides of both halves of the teleporter. Set their texture to STRIP1A too, with Y scale being 7.5 or 10.

Do not paint the invisible left and right sides, that will increase polygon count!


Create two info_target entities and place each on the each side of the teleporter, tounching the bouncer parts with their center. Call them some name.

Then, create two env_beam entities at any place. Set their keyvalues to the following:

Key First beam Second beam
Start Entity First info_target
Ending Entity Second info_target
Render FX Normal
Brightness 200 100
Beam color 223 0 255
Radius 256
Life 1
Width of beam 8 128
Amount of noise 30
Sprite name sprites/laserbeam.spr
Texture scroll rate 35
Frames per 10 seconds 0
Starting frame 0
Strike again time 1
Damage/second 0
Flags Start On

Making it work

Create info_teleport_destination entity. Place its center (the box's center, not the head's center) in the middle of the teleporter, and mode it 48 units away from the teleporter. Rotate it so it points towards the opposite of the teleporter. Name it.

Then create the second teleporter on the same bouncer, with different names of info_targets and info_teleport_destination.

Cover both teleporters in trigger_teleport brush entity. Set Target field of each trigger_teleport to info_teleport_destination's name of the opposite teleporter.

Final touch

When you are done, select all entities of each teleporter at once (while holding down Ctrl) and move and rotate them so they fit the space in the bouncers.