Ricochet Level Creation/Pad

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Pads in Hammer. Download this map.

Pad is the primary element of gameplay in Ricochet. This tutorial explains how to create it.

The brush

  • Create a 256x256x16 cylinder brush with 20 faces and make it func_wall entity.
  • Paint its faces with following textures:
Color Up and down Sides
Blue disc_blue1/2/3 trim_blue1
Red disc_red1/2/3 trim_red1
Dual-color disc_dual1 North-west and south-east: trim_red1

North-east and south-west: trim_blue1

  • Make the side faces have 0.5 Y texture scale.
  • Create info_target 8 units the pad at its center for jumping on it and call it some name.

The beam

On Arena, there is beam under pads.

Note.pngNote:There is no known beam color for dual-color pads.

To make the beam, create 2 info_targets under the pad. Place the first info_target right under the pad in the middle, and the second 384 units below it. Create env_beam in any place with the following parameters:

  • Start entity: first info_target
  • Ending entity: second info_target
  • Render FX: Normal
  • Brightness: 100
  • Beam color: 0 120 255 (for blue pad) / 255 0 0 (for red pad)
  • Radius: 256
  • Life: 0
  • Width of beam: 255
  • Amount of noise: 20
  • Sprite name: sprites/laserbeam.spr
  • Texture Scroll Rate: 35
  • Frames per 10 seconds: 0
  • Starting frame: 0
  • Strike again time: 1
  • Damage: 0
  • Flags: Start On, Shade End

The pad is ready. Attach some jump arrows to it.