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Ricochet Level Creation

Players in Ricochet can only jump using jump arrows and jump pads.

Jump arrow

  1. Cut the area where you what to attach jump arrow at off pad using the Clipping Tool. Paint the clipped face with SKY texture.
  2. Create 80x36 16 units tall block and make it func_wall. Cover it in SKY texture.
  3. Make pyramid off new block using the Vertex Tool, as shown in the Stage 3.
  4. Remove the top half of the pyramid using the Clipping Tool.
  5. Paint top and bottom sides with +0ARROW1 texture. Rotate texture to same direction as brush and press Fit and C on texture application window. Paint left and right sides with +0SQUARE1 texture with 180° rotation and Fit button pressed.
  6. Place trigger_jump brush entity above jump arrow. Set info_target of the target pad or jump pad as Target keyvalue, and Height to the height difference between two pads, usually 128.
  7. Rotate the arrow and trigger and attach them to pad.

Jump pad

  1. Create 112x32x96 block. Place it 96" above platform.
  2. Make a pyramid off the block.
  3. Paint pyramid sides with +0ARROW1 texture, back side with BLACK texture.
  4. Put info_target and trigger_jump at the spike. Set info_target from target pad as trigger_jump's Target keyvalue.
  5. Rotate the arrow and trigger.