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Nav Mesh/Console commands

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Nav Mesh


These commands can be bound to a key in a config file for faster workflow. For example, Left 4 Dead (L4D) has nav_mode.cfg.

Source Source

Mesh generation

Command Description

Selection commands

Command ! Description
select_with_attribute Selects/highlights all nav mesh areas marked with one attribute specified.

Editing commands

Command Description

Attribute Modification Commands

Attributes modify the nav area with commands that modify NPC behavior, such as a forced crouch, following a specific path, disallowing spawn, etc. Many attributes also have their own command, such as nav_crouch. The command "mark CROUCH" is the same as the command nav_crouch.

Command Description
clear_attribute <Attribute> Clears attribute specified. If nav_clear_attribute does not work to clear an attribute specified, such as PLAYER_START, this command might work.
wipe_attributes Clears all attributes on the selected part of the nav mesh.
wipe_nav_attributes Clears all nav attributes on the selected part of the nav mesh.

Place name commands

Command Description

Other commands

Command Description
nb_delete_all <Group>
Removes all NPCs in the game or, if group is specified, removes Specified group only. An example group type would be Infected in L4D.
nb_move_to_cursor Commands all NPCs to move to the location of the 3D cursor

Additional Console Variables

Command Description

Team Fortress 2


Cvar/CommandParameters or default valueDescriptorEffect
tf_show_actor_potential_visibility01<bool>Shows areas potentially visible to a demographic (Purple for both teams, red for RED team, and blue for BLU team).
tf_show_bomb_drop_areas0 disables, 1 enablesShows areas where BLU bots can get to and can drop the bomb.
tf_show_blocked_areas0 disables, 1 enablesShows areas blocked by a demographic (Purple for both teams, red for RED team, blue for BLU team).
tf_show_control_points0 disables, 1 enablesShow areas that a control point (not payload) is on in yellow, and adjacent areas in dark yellow.
tf_show_in_combat_areas0 disables, 1 enablesShows areas that are in combat from dark red to red depending on the amount of combat.
tf_show_enemy_invasion_areas0 disables, 1 enablesShows the areas that the enemy team will invade.
tf_show_incursion_flow0 disables, 1 enablesShows paths (as vectors within tf_show_incursion_flow_range) a team takes to get to the capturable point (1 shows RED team paths, 2 shows BLU team paths).
tf_show_sentry_dangerintegerhow sentry danger areas (colored red for RED sentries and blue for BLU sentries). 1:Use m_sentryAreas. 2:Check all nav areas.
tf_show_sniper_spots0 disables, 1 enablesShows (purple for both teams, red for RED team, and blue for BLUE team) areas that aren't within tf_show_sniper_areas_safety_range units of the enemy invasion area.
tf_show_sniper_areas_safety_range0 disables, 1 enablesThe range in which sniper spots withinin the invasion areas are not shown through tf_show_sniper_spots.
tf_show_train_path0 disables, 1 enablesShows the train track path for the payload cart.
tf_show_incursion_flow_gradientintegerShows the path a team takes to get to the capture-able point as gradient colors (1 shows RED team paths in red, 2 shows BLU team paths in blue).
tf_show_incursion_flow_rangeintegerThe range in which incursion flow vectors are visible.
tf_show_incursion_range0 disables, 1 enablesHighlight areas with incursion distances between tf_show_incursion_range_min and tf_show_incursion_range_max cvar values.
tf_show_incursion_range_minHammer unitsMinimum range to show incursion distances within with tf_show_incursion_range.
tf_show_incursion_range_maxHammer unitsMaximum range to show incursion distances within with tf_show_incursion_range.

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