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Map (console command)

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This article is about the console command. For the place in a game, see Map (level design).  For the file format, see MAP file format.

map is a console command available in all Source Source games. It loads the specified map and starts a game on it.

Warning.pngWarning:For multiplayer games, this command will kick everyone from your server before changing the map, or does a hard change, so to speak. If you want to soft change your map from console use the changelevel command.


map <mapname> [gamemode]

The .bsp extension must be omitted. The game can access both maps in mounted VPKs and in the maps\ folder. Maps that are in a subdirectory of maps\ need to have the folder name included in the console command.

PlacementTip.pngExample:map de_dust2 deathmatch
Tip.pngTip:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive The optional gamemode parameter can be deathmatch, casual, competitive, armsrace, coopstrike ..., see CS:GO Game Modes.
Blank image.pngTodo: A similar list exists for Left 4 Dead 2.

Similar Commands

ConCommand Description
map_background Analogous to map but loads a map as a background for the main menu. The player will not be able to move normally, but they can still use the console to move, attack, etc. This was introduced and used in Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2 and its series but it does no longer work properly in newer games. Works in Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 and Portal Portal
map_commentary Analogous to map but also enables commentary mode, introduced in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Source 2006 Source 2006.
maps <substring> Lists all the maps the game has access to that contain a certain character sequence. Use * to list all maps.