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Light editor is an engine tool available in Alien Swarm Deferred Alien Swarm Deferred and other mods that use Alien Swarm Deferred's code. It is meant to place, edit, and save light_deferred and light_deferred_global entities, while the game is still running.

Note.pngNote:Parented or Named lights are not editable, so you will need to set them up in Hammer Hammer.

Supported Games


To use it type sv_cheats 1 into the console then simply press Tab on the keyboard.


Deferred phong ref.png

Main menu

Asd deferred main editor.png

Show properties

Edit your currently selected light's properties.

Asd deferred main editor properties.png

Edit global light

Settings for dynamic lighting and shadows coming from Light_deferred_global.

Global light deferred lighte.png

VMF handling

Load, edit, and save your VMF's lights.

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  • Turn on and off deferred statics
  • Render modes:
    • None
    • Light
    • Dept
    • Normal
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