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This mod for Source is currently in open beta. Download it now.


Lambda Fortress, also known as LF, is a cooperative crossover mod between Half-Life and Team Fortress 2. Play as the titular classes of Team Fortress 2 through both Half-Life campaigns, episodic content and more in this ridiculous crossover between two radically different FPS universes. Currently, the mod is in open beta and continually being worked on by Concussion Studios.


As the rift in time-space persists, portal storms have become more frequent and numerous with one of them opening a gateway allowing a team of mercenaries to arrive in the streets of City 17. Dazed and confused, the mercenaries struggle to adapt to the oppressive ambiance of the Combine regime as they attempt to find a way home and fit in through any means necessary with no qualms of resorting to their preferred and favorite way, violence.


  • A new version called Lambda Fortress aims to add content and fix bugs to LF and is currently playable with friends
  • LF utilizes the Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer Base

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