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info_lighting is a internal point entity available in all Source games. It can be used to change the lighting origin of a prop_static or a vehicle prop. Set the prop's lightingorigin keyvalue to point at this entity to make the prop light as if it was at the info_lighting's origin. Good for prop_static entities that are embedded in world geometry (like rocks/windows/etc). It also changes the cubemap origin, meaning the prop will show reflections from the closest cubemap to the info_lighting entity. For a prop_dynamic, use info_target.

Note.png Note: This is an internal entity. When the map is compiled by VBSP it is processed and then removed: it does not exist when the map is running.


Name <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.

External Links

.VMF that has a prop_static using 2 lights (on/off green/red using triggers)

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