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info_hlvr_toner_path_node is a point entity available in the following Source 2 engine games: <Half-Life: Alyx> Half-Life: Alyx.

Entity description

The info_hlvr_toner_path_node is the visual portion of a toner puzzle, used to create a path which can be traced with the multi-tool. It changes color depending on the state of its parent info_hlvr_toner_path.


Source 2 Transform:

origin <coordinates>
The world space origin of the entity.
angles <angles>
The pitch, yaw, roll orientation of the entity.
scales <vector>
The x, y, z scales of the entity. Not all entities can use this.
Transform Locked <boolean>
Lock the transform at its current value, preveting the transform of the node from being modified.
Force Hidden <boolean>
Visually hides the entity from the viewports. The Outliner pane will still list hidden entities.
Editor Only <boolean>
Entity is only displayed in Hammer and will not appear in game.

Name <string>
The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

Misc Entity Scripts <string>
Name(s) of script files that are executed after all entities have spawned.

Next toner node <string>
Refers to another info_toner_path_node that the current entity will lead to. Will autofill on shift+drag duplication.

Spline node <boolean>
Is the path for this node a spline instead of a straight line to the next node. (default 0)

Inset Distance <float>
How far the path is inset from this node's position. Default (-1) is 8 units. The offset will be displayed visually in the editor for authoring.


Fire when the entity is killed and removed from the game.
Fired in response to FireUser1 input
Fired in response to FireUser2 input
Fired in response to FireUser3 input
Fired in response to FireUser4 input



Execute a VScript file from disk, without file extension. The script contents are merged with the script scope of the receiving entity.
Execute a string of VScript source code in the scope of the entity receiving the input. String quotation may be needed when fired via console.
Execute a VScript function in the scope of the receiving entity.
Execute a VScript function from this entity's private script scope
Execute a VScript function from the global script scope
Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and its children from the world.
Note.png Note: Entities already remove orphaned children upon being removed, but this input removes all children on the same frame, being marginally faster than Kill.
AddOutput <string>
Adds a keyvalue/output to this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
KV Format: <key> <value>
I/O Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire, -1 means infinite>
FireUser1 to FireUser4
Fire the OnUser outputs; see User Inputs and Outputs.

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