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The Hammer toolbars can be removed, repositioned, and docked to help you create a layout that will work for you. The Map Tools, Map Operations, and Map View toolbars can be docked along the top and bottom of the screen, as well as the left and right sides. The Textures Bar, Filter Control, and New Objects Bar can be docked along the left and right edges only. The Status Bar cannot be moved from its position at the bottom of the window.

To tear off a toolbar, simply drag it off the window edge into its new location. Toolbars are docked by dragging it onto the window edge where you’d like it to be placed.

For information about the Hammer Editor Toolbars, click on the following links:

Map Tools

Used to edit and create new geometry.

Map Operations

Used to control visibility and selection of objects.

Map View

Used to change grid and window settings.


Selection and browsing of materials.

Filter Control

Listing and editing of object VisGroups.

New Objects

Contextual dialog for choosing placed solids, entities and prefabs.

Selection Modes

Used to control how objects can be selected.

Status Bar

The informational bar at the bottom of the Hammer Editor window showing (from left to right) selected object, cursor location, selected object dimensions and location, zoom level, whether "Snap" is enabled, and grid size.

Manifest Control

The Manifest Control window.