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The Status Bar contains useful information about selected objects, as well as current zoom and grid levels.

Hammer statusbar.png

The status bar contains a number of important pieces of information. Each bit of information has it's own little area on the bar. The areas are as follows:

Selection information
The first piece of information on the status bar is about what is currently selected. If you've got a non-entity brush selected, you will see something like "solid with 6 faces". If you've got an entity selected, the name of the entity and its type will be displayed, such as "func_breakable" or "Ernest the Zombie - npc_zombie". In the second example "Ernest the Zombie" is the targetname of the entity, and npc_zombie is the entity class name.
Following the selection information, The current map coordinates in units are displayed. These are the coordinates of the mouse cursor in whichever 2D view it's currently in. For example, "@299, 29" while the mouse cursor is in the Top View means the cursor is at X-coordinate 299 and Y-coordinate 29.
Selection size information
When you have a selection or creation box on your workspace, it's size will be listed here. You'll see the width, length, and height values as well as the coordinates of the center of the selection listed like "26w 26l 72h @(320 66 -722)".
Zoom size
If a 2D view is currently in focus, it's current zoom level will be shown.
Grid information
The last box displays the current state of the grid options. "Snap: On Grid: 8". This means that Snap To Grid is enabled and the current Grid Setting is set to 8 unit increments.