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Glowing textures (GoldSrc)

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Brush textures

Emissive textures

Icon-Important.pngImportant:These are the only methods that will create actual lighting, instead of just simulating it!

Self-illuminated textures

  • Texture rendermode
  • Additive rendermode
  • _minlight KV
  • painting lightmaps in newbspguy

MDL textures

  • Additive rendermode (still affected by map lighting; set rendermode on entity if this is insufficient)
  • Fullbright rendermode (only in Sven Co-op) (also in FTECodename: Loop)

Custom renderers

  • Fullbright rendermode
Confirm.pngConfirm: Is it possible to reimplement Quake-style fullbright texels? This was in the early alpha builds of Half-Life, and such textures were flagged in the WAD with an ~.