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Half-Life SDK
Blank image.pngTodo:
  • Decals
  • Detail Textures
  • AllocBlock optimization (max textures; dictated by lightmaps, which are always 16 luxels per texel, regardless of texture scale
  • "Chrome" textures
  • func_wall (actually required for certain texture rendermodes)
  • Brush entity rendermodes, WAD texture characters, MDL texture flags
  • materials.txt (equivalent to $surfaceprop, but only affects sounds; Condition Zero Deleted Scenes uses MAT files for additional surface properties, such as debris and decals)
Note.pngNote:Some limitations to keep in mind:
  • While textures do not need to be powers of two, they usually must be multiples of 16.
    • MDL textures can be multiples of 8, but dimensions that aren't multiples of 16 can sometimes be buggy. 8x8 textures can be used for single-color model "materials", but it's otherwise better to stick to multiples of 16.
  • Textures can be a maximum resolution of 512x512 in the OpenGL renderer.
    • The software renderer is limited to 256x256, but it is buggy and frequently is disregarded (targeting OpenGL only).
    • Sven Co-op Sven Co-op can use textures up to 1024x1024. AllocBlock has been raised from 64 to 512 to compensate.
    • In some versions of GoldSrc, the user can set a lower gl_max_size, which is sometimes unintentionally set to 256. This seems to be broken in the current Half-Life Half-Life build, however.

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